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Soothing Super Socks

Soothing Super Socks
Soothing Super Socks
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Tried everything? Spent to much time on your feet? These new miracle soothing super socks will work wonders. Helps many different sore feet conditions


*All-day relief for achy heels and feet!  ALL NEW technology makes these socks work fast.
*Anti-fatigue new technology compression foot sleeve that helps improve circulation and reduce swelling.
*Heavenly 7 Zone Design that provides targeted compression ball, arch, plantar fascia, heel and ankle for soothing relief.
*The breathable fabric keeps foot dry and comfortable.
* Machine washable
* Perfect for many conditions including Plantar Fasciitis
* 1 pair of amazing Super Soothing Socks

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Q.  Who can benefit from wearing Super Soothing Socks?

Just about EVERYONE. If you suffer from various foot pain conditions sit or stand for long periods of time at your job or when travelling and experience tired, achy and/or swollen legs, Our Super soothing Socks can give your legs a boost of energy and help reduce and relieve those annoying symptoms.  Your legs will thank you EVERYDAY!

Some professions include (but are not limited to):

Nurses, Doctors, Hairdressers,  Flight Attendants,  Pilots, Travelers, Athletes, Bus drivers, Bank tellers, Office Workers, Teachers, Retail Salespeople, Restaurant Workers, City workers, Lawyers, Accountants, Taxi Drivers, Construction Workers and Pregnant Mums.


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  • 5 "my husband and I both work and always seem to have sore feet at the end of the day. We have tried a few different products but nothing seems to work as well as the these socks have. Just purchased another few pairs. "kate gealy
  • 5 "Was very impressed after trying these for the first time. I had experimented with a more expensive solution and I found these to be more effective. Time to stock up on them.. Or should I say sock up haha"sarah daily
  • 5 "Purchased these for my husband and then decided to try them my self. Easily the best socks I have worn. Difference at the end of the day was very noticeable."marie obare
  • 5 "Im just about to buy some more of these. I dont really understand how they work but my feet love them"tara phillips
  • 4 "Feet felt so much better after the first night of wearing them. Still need to trial wearing them during the day. "Heidi
  • 4 "I have only used my socks once but thought they made quite a difference to my feet. I am looking forward to wearing them more "Lindsay Baker
  • 5 "Thank you for your prompt delivery and good quality item. Thank you Tania."Tania
  • 5 "Great socks stops my feet aching "Sue
  • 5 "Awesome socks. Really help with being on my feet for 14hrs a day. Highly recommended "Jo
  • 5 "Awesome ! Can't believe how much they actually helped ! Would definately recommend."Sally
  • 5 "Awesome, Love them. I have torn Achilles tendons in both ankles & these socks have helped so much. Just wish they came in beige or skin tone color??"Rachelle Clarke
  • 4 "I found the socks helped me tremendously as I'm on my feet most of the day with my work .... Highly recommend."Liz
  • 5 "Great product would recommend to anyone "Judy Osmond
  • 5 "I find my sock are a great relief as I stand on a very hard surface for work 5 days a week."Lea
  • 5 "Highly recommend! I suffer with a lot of foot pain and these socks have helped immensely. So glad I took the risk and bought them."Kathy
  • 4 "Made my ankles smile being on my feet all day thank you"Keryn
  • Average rating: 5, based on 16 reviews.