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Magic Glowing Sand

Magic Glowing Sand
Magic Glowing Sand
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We are so excited to finally have our newly made Magic Glowing Sand on sale for you.

Have fun making beautiful creations with our new magic glowing sand!. Sprinkle this on decorations or on anything to bring it to life!

This is top of the line glow-in-the-dark, or phosphorescent, pigment Sand Particles 

Rechargable for up to 10 years or more

With an extreme glowing effect this glow in the dark and fluorescent sand can be used in outdoors and indoors and on decorations also.

The chemical compound is non-toxic and safe.

After it is fully charged in the Sunshine for around 1-2 hours, enjoy the effect in the dark environment!

The powders are made of various rare-earth doped compounds, such as strontium aluminate, calcium aluminate, and zinc sulfide, they are all guaranteed high-quality

Q:Is this powder re-chargeable?

A: yes, this powder is "charged" with any source of light (sunlight works great) and will glow for 2-24 hours afterwards, depending on the color and charge time. Once they stop glowing, they can always be re-charged, and do it all over again. These powders are rated not to get any dimmer or shorter-lasting for 15 years!

Q: Can I use this to make paint?

A: Yes, you can! Unfortunately it is a little difficult, because this powder is fairly heavy, like sand, so you will either need to stir the paint before every use, or use thickeners. I've had best luck with acrylic mediums, preferably as clear as possible, and best results when painted onto a white background.

Q: How fine is the sand?

A: It's very fine, you can sprinkle them into craft projects for amazing star-like effects, and they glow longer and brighter!

Q: Is the sand safe?

A: Yes, the chemical compound is completely non-toxic (and non-radioactive, unlike the 1930's glow paints!), it's about as dangerous as beach sand, meaning you should still avoid eating any (or giving it to any small hands that might eat it), but don't worry if a little spills .

Your Package Includes:

5 Bags radom different colours x 10g of Super Bright Magic Glow in the Dark Sand Particle


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  • 5 "wow this stuff is awesome. Have been sprinkling this on everything around my home.. seriously an amazing product."Lindy carter
  • 5 "Lots of fun. Great product that has many uses. Thank you"kim baviea
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