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Ideas for a Themed costume dress up party

Ideas for a Themed costume dress up party
Ideas for a Themed costume dress up party
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Parties are great fun, especially when they involve themes and costumes. But one of the hardest parts about going to parties involving costumes is trying to decide just what to wear. You want something original, and something that will make you stand out. If you are about to host or attend a Theme/ Costume/ Dress Up Party, there are many great options that you can pick from when it comes time to choose your look.

If you want to go "old school" with it, you can purchase a kit of fake moustaches. The kit comes with twelve moustaches in six different forms to choose from, allowing you to change your look throughout the night. Perfect for guys and girls, these moustaches are made from realistic looking synthetic hair. Not only is this a cheap way to get laughs, they are also very easy to apply and remove.

For something a little more over-the-top than fake moustaches, you can pick up some Blue Light Show Dreads. Made with flashing LED lights, this hairpiece is suitable for both men and woman. Just imagine being able to walk around the party creating a light show on your head! There is no way that you will not get noticed wearing one of these. No matter how outgoing you are, this piece will make any wallflower into the life of the party.

The Flashing Tiara is another great party supply that is perfect for costume parties. With this LED powered tiara, you will be the disco princess of the party. Though it does not appear cheap, it is actually very affordable. Guests will be able to see you and your flashing tiara from across the room, making it ideal if you are looking it make a statement.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they have to spend lots of money on costumes and accessories in order to fully enjoy a dress up party, but that is not really the case. With the costume ideas listed above, you are not required to wear a full body suit in order to get compliments on what a cool outfit you have. In a lot of situations, less is more. And considering the fact that the items are so cheap, you can by multiples and give them to friends in case you want to match each other.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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