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Chinese Lanterns: A Stroke Of Luck for Your Celebration

Chinese Lanterns: A Stroke Of Luck for Your Celebration
Chinese Lanterns: A Stroke Of Luck for Your Celebration
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Through the years, the use of Chinese lanterns has been associated with luck, prosperity, and wisdom. In the modern day era where festivities and celebrations have become annual staples, more and more people are looking beyond the aesthetics of parties. Symbolism and depth are more so becoming an integral part of every occasion. From colour motif, location, down to the chosen decorations, smarter organizers are opting for more meaningful celebrations.

Lighting Chinese lanterns and letting them float on the sky is probably one of the most stunning highlights that you can have for evening parties. In weddings, Chinese floating lanterns have been recognized as icons of a flourishing and a peaceful life ahead. During the New Year, they embody a great way of greeting the incoming year with abundance and harmony. In birthday parties, they represent a great farewell to the worries of the past and a new start for another fruitful year. Using Chinese lanterns in these occasions are sure fire ways to make any gathering both meaningful and memorable.

For those opting for a minimalist yet modern occasion, using classic and classy lantern pieces will surely fit the bill perfectly. The chic blend of black lanterns and white ones captivate your guests with their timeless splendor. These will serve as eye candies that will add a touch of sophistication to your special day. Their simplicity can simultaneously evoke magnificence when placed in the right areas, and accentuated with the proper pieces like equally enchanting white fairy lights.. For those looking for a more vivid look, similar Chinese lanterns come in other vibrant colours like red, pink, orange, purple and blue.

Apart from the colours and the form boasted by paper lanterns, their functionality also makes them stand out. Their architectural value as well as their illuminating function has made them practical add-ons to event organizers and party planners. Their appealing structure easily catches the attention of guests while concurrently serving the purpose of lighting the surroundings. In some cases, these lanterns become architectural focal points to beautify or accentuate significant areas.  

The aesthetic value of Chinese lanterns goes beyond architecture, design, and even form. Their real beauty lies within the symbolism of their Asian origin where they represent the insightful principles and aspects of life in general. Wisdom, prosperity, peace, direction, and optimism…all these add a deeper sense of significance to any important event. 

Parties and festivities are indeed once in a lifetime moments that should be planned and prepared for. But more than all the glitzy decors or the fancy venue, people should consider the more profound aspect of any gathering. Gatherings should always be a venue for promoting a sense of unison for different people with a common ground. Whether they are celebrating birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or a corporate victory, these gatherings should still showcase both purpose and pleasure

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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