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Guest Entertainment 101

Guest Entertainment 101
Guest Entertainment 101
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Aside from satisfying the bride and groom in a wedding, the couple during an anniversary, or a blissful child on a kiddie birthday party, making your guests happy and equally thrilled should also be a priority. Nothing can be worse than seeing a bored or dull group of visitors on a joyous occasion.

Planning activities that will make them enjoy your party will help you save liftime memories and build lasting relationships with your invited guests. Here are a few things that you may want to include on your next party.

Entertaining the Grown-Ups

While adults are less likely to join games, and would show much less initiative in joining your newspaper dance, you can still find ways in entertaining them throughout your party. If you are organizing a pool party, an Inflatable Poker Table  will guarantee hours of fun and amusement for your poker-loving friends. Letting them relax and drink on this party seat under the hot summer sun is also a great way to chill out on your party. Having a Poker and Black Jack kit will also be handy for Poker lovers who are not in the mood for a dip.

If you are planning a garden or outdoor venue, you can also entertain your guests with a finders-keepers game. You may hide gift certificates or spa vouchers all over the venue and have your guests find them. This mini-treasure hunt will surely bring out their child-like instinct, and instill excitement altogether. More creative planners can also opt for tattoo artists who can make temporary henna tattoos for those who want some body art, but cant bear the pain of having the real one.

Beer lovers will be delighted to be part of the beer drinking card game or maybe the beer shooter game. Both can be played even by those who dont really drink beer. You may have the rules customized depending on how your guests want to play them.

For the less adventurous or subtle downplayed guests, classic boardgames such as chess and checkers game will fit their personalities perfectly. Not only are these classics timeless, but they're also great games for brain stimulation and strategic thinking.

With these party entertainment things handy, your next party will certainly have zero boredom levels and lots of high-rated fun.

Entertaining Your Little Tots

Gone were the days when entertaining your little ones were as easy as handing a pack of goodies. In the modern era of kiddie parties, kids have learned to perceive parties as just mere gift-giving events. When they attend parties, they're expecting to leave with a blast. While most party planners would hire magicians or clowns to entertain kids for an hour or two, some would see this is as an idle or passive way of entertainment since kids are just left to sit and watch tricks. Samrter parents encourage movement and physical activities that will also serve as a form of exercise for the bodies of their little guests. "Trip to Jerusalem" has been a classic and has always left kids excited and happy. You may also want to have a Pinball Machine  handy for those who are stirred by the spirit of fun and competition.

You can raise the bar a notch higher with kiddie parties by having some fancy novelties around. A Fairy Floss Machine will leave a big smile on your little guests' faces. Sweets have lawasy been kids' bestfriend. Adding a Gumball Machine in one corner will also please their tiny tastebuds. These are effortless ways that will entertain your kiddies guests, and will leave them asking for more.

Afternoon or evening parties can alse be fun with these Flashing Frisbees. Teens who may not be that keen on kiddie games will have fun tossing and throwing frisbees around. Not only will you divert their attention from their electronic PSP's or tablets, but you'll also help liven up their system as they sweat those baby fats away.

Guests from all ages can be entertained in a hundred and one ways if you only know where to look for resources. Whether you have 200 adults or a dozen of kids running around in your party, these entertainment tips won't make you run out of ways to make your party a fun-filled occasion. You'll never have to see those dull, bored faces ever again.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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