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Wedding Supplies and Planning Guide

Wedding Supplies and Planning Guide
Wedding Supplies and Planning Guide
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Weddings are one of the most splurged on occcasions. Statistics show that for the last decade, the wedding industry has consistently been part of the top 5 event industries that flourished regardless of global economic conditions. This shouldn't be a surprise because weddings belong to the once-in-a-lifetime occasion category. They only happen once and couples usually put a lot of thought and planning in this very special occasion. 

If you have all the time and the resources, hiring a wedding planner is the most convenient way to organize your party. But for the budget conscious and the more practical couples, having a personalized wedding dominates the dictates of their decision. They find more meaning in having a hands-on take on every detail of their wedding. Whether you are planning your own wedding, or you're getting some help from the pros, here's a quick guide to help you get things covered.

Budget: This will pretty much dictate everything else. Knowing how much you're willing to spend for your wedding  will help spell out the food, the venue, the decoration, and the entertainment for you.

Venue: If you are planning an outdoor wedding, furnitures are very crucial. Make sure your tables and chairs are not covered will cloth as this will only cause messy receptions. Opting for outdoor, LED furniture will be a smart option. Not only will they have a unique aesthetic appeal, but they will also be practical interms of minimizing your lighting expenses. For instance, you can eliminate expenses for centerpiece candles or additional lighting fixtures since your tables, chairs, or even cushions can already illuminate the venue.

Are you planning to have a lunch party or a romantic evening wedding? In any case, you have to realize that the time of your wedding will be crucial in choosing the decorations or accent pieces for your venue. For instance, the aesthetic effect of LED furniture may not be maximized during lunch parties. The same way that bubble machines may not work the same magical effect during dim, evening occasions.

Wedding Decorations: Wedding decorations should notihng be short of elegant and whimsical. Time and venue always dictate wedding decorations. A beach wedding, held from sunset til late in the evening will be perfectly accentuated by LED beach balls. Similarly, if your reception has a unique water feature, floating chinese lanterns will be simply perfect. Indoor celebrations are best highlighted by intricately designed lighting fixtures. Adding Purple Butterfly LED lights in a plain function hall will draw that fine line between average and magical. Wedding decorations don't have to be pricey. They just need to be well thought-out and carefully planned to come up with the best venue presentation for your wedding.

Food and Drinks : In most cases, the food reflects the culinary preference of the couple, and can be a fusion of cultures. The drinks, however, are generally similar for most weddings. While wine and champagne have become wedding staples, others incorporate other forms of booze like margarita, vodka, rhum, and beer. These can be tastefully served through a cocktail fountain or you can impress your guests by serving these beverages with flashing ice cubes on colorful glow cups. This will surely set the bar for a unique dining experience.

Entertainment: While wedding trends for the last 5 years have shown the decline of entertainment expense shelled out by couples, you should still put into acccount the type of entertainment that will suit your guests. Will it be a jazz band, a duet balladeer, or a group of professional dancers? Taking into consideration that overall taste of your guests will ascertain that every penny is money well spent, especially after seeing the smiles on their faces. If you have kids on your guest list, giving them a Just Married Bubble bottle will keep them busy and less cranky throughout the celebration.

These wedding essentials should be well planned for your big day. Weddings are suppose to be one of the most memorable and momentous milestones in your lifetime. Covering these staples and every detail in between will help make your wedding celebration a significant memory that you and your guests will forever cherish.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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