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Costume Party Guidelines

Costume Party Guidelines
Costume Party Guidelines
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Costume parties are one of the most fun and exciting types of parties that you can throw for all ages. From kids wearing cartoon costumes, teens wearing Hollywood characters, down to adults wearing retro outfit, costume parties are definitely one of the most flexible and versatile parties that will leave everyone excited.

If you are planning to attend the next costume party in town, or maybe your kids are on the hype for their next dress up shindigs, these helpful tips and costume must-haves will definitely make costume planning a breeze!

Accessories: Costume party accessories have flocked the party market. A headpiece can be anywhere from flashing jester hats to princess tiaras. A flashing cowboy hat will also look great for a would-be rodeo. A white ostrich feather would also be ideal for a cabaret-themed costume party. Regardless of the role that you want to portray, there will always be a matching accessory that will help you define the character that you want to represent.

Dress-up Kits: From Disney characters down to adult costumes, dress-up kits are probably one of the most convenient ways to prepare for a costume party. This is because all you have to do is find a certain look and all the accessories will be included in one handy set. A police woman dress up kit will look great for those with thin frames and petite figures. For males, dress up kits can be anywhere from police officers to adult Batman costumes. Whatever dress up kit suits you, be sure to play the part to add more thrill and excitement.

Make-ups: Make-ups are very important in costume parties. For kids, be sure to use water-based washable brands to keep them from having irritations. Make-ups on adults should also be worn in moderation. Thick make-ups may clog the pores and eventually cause skin breakouts and pimples.

“Emergency” Accessories: Costume parties can also be venues of wardrobe malfunction. Always be prepared with fabric touch-up essentials such as safety pins, sewing thread that matches the colour of your costume, a needle, pair of scissors, and fabric glue. You may also need hairpins in case your princess tiara slips, or an extra pair of batteries in case those flashing evil horns ran out of power. Make-up touch-ups may also be handy when your vampire bloodstain fades or your Dracula lipstick turns pale. Being prepared will help avoid hassles as you enjoy the night away.

With these costume essentials covered, going to your next costume party will be as easy as one, two, go. You can even have your kids’ friends come over and organize your very own annual Costume Gala. Whether you are planning to arrange the next big costume party in town, or you’re simply up to be the next best dressed guest, keeping these helpful tips in mind will help set a benchmark for one of the most fun, memorable, and thrilling parties you’ve ever been to.


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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