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Why Lighting Shouldn't be Taken Lightly

Why Lighting Shouldn't be Taken Lightly
Why Lighting Shouldn't be Taken Lightly
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Never under estimate the role of lighting in your event. The type, shade, and even the design of your lighting fixtures play more than just the role of illuminating your venue. Read on and find out why these beaming fixtures should be labelled beyond just accessories.

Lighting helps set the mood in your party. If you are aiming for a romantic evening get together, choose string lights with subdued tones and romantic designs like the Liladee flower fairy light. The restrained white glow will help set a calm and romantic mood throughout the evening. Conversely, if you are looking forward to a night of hard partying and extreme dance action, a laser projector or a LED crystal ball light will clue your guests in for a night of bops, bounces and boogie.

Lighting can dictate the overall ambience that you want to convey to your welcomed guests. If sophistication is your cup of tea, putting these votive LED candles on every table will fit the bill perfectly. Elegantly cased in a frosted glass jar, these simple table pieces will effortlessly show refined elegance in every way. A formal dining setup can also be accentuated by table sphere lights that easily exude a prim environment with a touch of serenity. In cases where you opt for a more casual party experience, colour-changing paper lanterns will spell more fun and less formality for your guests. Adding disco lights can also do a bit of untailored trick.

Lighting can draw the thin line of safety. Different venues have different lighting requirements. Outdoor venues have more taxing lighting requirements in terms of safety and convenience. You wouldn’t want your guests tripping over electric cords, or your greenery being set on fire during your garden wedding. Choosing the proper lighting accessories can save you time and a lot of stress in the long run. If you are planning for a beach party or a beach wedding, use lighting fixtures that are safe on water. LED beach balls are safe for pools and any water feature, without the dangers of short circuit or sparks. In addition, lighting decorations for outdoor venues like parks or gardens should be hung securely to avoid instances of accidental tripping on laid wires. Using those that are water proof will also prevent circuit problems in instances when it may suddenly rain or drizzle.

Lighting can be the medium of your personality. To some extent, the type of lighting or the design of your beaming fixtures says a lot about your persona. Lamps and lights with wood accents are usually preferred by those who love adventure and the outdoors. Minimalist lighting designs show sophistication and are mostly preferred by low key celebrants. Younger celebrants are more in tuned with LED based furniture like a LED cushion, or the use of LED tables and chairs in their venues.

Celebrants will always be hands-on in choosing the food, the venue, or the kind of entertainment; but most of the time would leave the lighting details to the planner. With all the things that your lighting can do for you and your guests, you should certainly think twice before you just “leave it all to the planner.” After all, not only can they light up your venue,but they also add a dose of radiance and glow to your special day.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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