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Unique Party Accessories with a Lasting Impression

Unique Party Accessories with a Lasting Impression
Unique Party Accessories with a Lasting Impression
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Impressing your guests with great food and great entertainment has always been an imperative. But have you ever thought about impressing your guests with the small details that they may have seen only in your party? Well, it may sound vain but you must admit that having people compliment other facets of your party can indeed be flattering. Here’s a short list of unique items that may make it on your guests’ “firsts” or never-before-seen list.

Impressive Drink Ware – aside from great champagne or a great cocktail recipe, you can also wow your guests by letting them drink from a liquid activated LED shot glass. Watch them get surprised when their glasses light up with every drop of free flowing booze. You can also give them a taste of literally the coolest tequila shot placed on frozen ice shot glasses…and if that’s not enough, give them a dose of your flashing ice cubes.

Automated Ice Bucket – A remote-controlled ice bucket will save you and your guests a lot of time and energy in fetching your next cold bottle of beer. Now that is convenience down to the very last letter.

Personalized Steak – What better way to leave a mark on your guests than by literally leaving a mark on their steak? This BBQ branding iron lets you customize those grilled recipes with your name or any message that you’d want your guests to remember, long after they have savoured those sumptuous lamb chops.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors – Never let your guests suffer the indoor-boredom-syndrome by having these realistic projector effects handy. The ocean projector pod gives off an ocean-like ripple on your plain walls or ceilings. A similar projector showcasing the effect of shining evening stars can also be made available for your stargazing guests. Both effects have been proven to calm the senses and relax the body and mind of guests. Make your party standout by letting your guests leave in such a tranquil perspective. This will be useful when guests start to mellow down after a night of hard drinks and partying.

Bringing the indoors outdoors can also be achieved in more exhilarating ways. Having a realistic instant snow that doesn’t melt in room temperature will leave your guests living their winter wonderland fantasies in spring or summer.

There are certainly a dozen ways to leave your guests dazed at your party - great food, amazing entertainment, and maybe, those little things in between. Sometimes, the small things are those that will linger in their stories long after your party has passed. It’s the fine attention to detail, or the little details that you’ve put together that will make them relive those party memories for a lifetime. After all, people don’t plan to have impressive parties. They plan parties that will leave a lasting impression. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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