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Where to Use Rose Petal and Streamer Cannons

Where to Use Rose Petal and Streamer Cannons
Where to Use Rose Petal and Streamer Cannons
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Rose petal and streamer cannons are beautiful additions to any event, and have in fact have quickly grown to become an essential part of any big celebration. For example, no wedding is complete without the distinctive pop of these cannons signalling the release of petals raining over the happy newlyweds. Weddings are actually the leading occasions for cannons of this type being used. Here at Party Supplies Now, there are different kinds of streamer cannons available, from ones that dispense flower petals to ones that dispense confetti. The goal is to match the cannon’s contents to the occasion.

For example, red dried rose petal cannons are best used for occasions that have to do with romance, as red rose petals have always been associated with the concepts of love and romantic sentiment. You can thus use such cannons for occasions such as weddings, wedding receptions, engagement parties, romantic dates on Valentine’s Day, or even during someone’s anniversary. If you are planning your parents’ wedding anniversary, for example, you can use these red dried rose petal cannons to remind everyone of the sentiments that have held your parents together throughout the years.

Some people also use the red petal cannons to bring a touch of lavishness to a marriage proposal. Many women like to feel admired and glorified by their significant others, most especially during the proposal, so these cannons are perfect for such occasions — either before the proposal or after, as a signal of celebration or the proposing person’s success.

But cannons are not restricted to purely couple-centric parties or events, of course. You may also use petal-dispensing cannons for occasions where women may be celebrating various things, from a birthday to a friend’s promotion. Most women love flowers, so even if the occasion does not necessarily have to do with romance, a set of cannons would still most likely be appreciated. A good note for using streamer or petal cannons on such occasions would be to select lighter or brighter petals for the event. This is because they are less commonly associated with romance and would thus be perfect for striking just the right note with the party guests. Light pink silk rose petal cannons, for example, would be ideal for a special birthday party for a female friend. Alternatively, pink bright silk rose petal cannons could be used for a brighter, stronger touch of colour.

Cannons may be used for various occasions where announcements are made or specific points are awaited. New year is one example, where everyone awaits the midnight hour signalling the new year. It is standard to use cannons on such occasions, and although you may certainly use flower-dispensing cannons for that as well, you can also go with something more standard, such as the compressed air – streamer cannon models often used for that event. You could use cannons too during gatherings where a significant declaration is going to be made by someone.

Finally, another excellent use of cannons is for company events. If you regularly organise interdepartmental parties or get-togethers for your company, these cannons can come in very handy. You might use them to kick off the even with a bang or perhaps to signal the beginnings of competitions among the various departments. Just remember to set them off away from the food tables, naturally, unless you want your guests to find confetti or petals floating in their dishes and drinks.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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