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How To Make Drinks Glow

How To Make Drinks Glow
How To Make Drinks Glow
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So you want to add something exciting to the drinks table on your next party? Your search for something interesting is over as far as the drinks at the party are concerned. Have you ever heard about glowing drinks? They are not toxic or anything, you just make use of U.V black light and some completely safe substances like tonic water to make the ultraviolet light make the drinks glow. Glowing drinks are a safe bet as far as impressing the guests is concerned and the drinks are going to look special even before the guests come over and take a sip.

So here is how you can do this drinks glowing thing for your next party. You can use a variety of beverages that have substances in them that glow under a U.V (ultraviolet) black light, however if you want to make your own glowing drinks then you need quinine or riboflavin which glows when ultraviolet light is put on it. Tonic water has quinine in it and you can some tonic water in the drink to make it glow. Vitamin B12 has riboflavin, so you can use vitamin B12 as well. The important bit is that you can use either of these things according to what suits you best and what you prefer, as an example some people do not like how tonic water tastes so for such people, vitamin B12 is equally good and they do not have to use tonic water.  If you use the vitamins simply crush the pill up very fine and sprinkle a little bit into the bottom of the drinks.

You can also make ice cubes that glow with U.V light. If you want ice cubes that glow using U.V light, you can use tonic water and add it in normal water to make the ice cubes glow. It is important to remember, however, that too much tonic water and the ice cubes will not last as long as normal ice cubes do and they will melt. Use more tonic water than normal water but not too much or else the cubes will melt too quickly, so use a fair amount of normal water as well. These glowing ice cubes can be put in the drinks as well to make the whole drink glow and they would look beautiful in clear glasses in your party. You can put them our flashing pitcher as well to make the pitcher glow even more and look beautiful as well.

Now coming to something that is equally important, if not more, to quinine or riboflavin, is the black light or UV light as most people call it, you need adequate amounts of this kind of light or else the drinks will not glow as well as you want them to.Remember to have these black glow lights in adequate amount around the drinks and keep them close to the area where the drinks are served. Just to be on the safe side, take a look at how the glowing effect works before the guests arrive and see if you need to adjust where the lights are so that you get the best glow in the drinks that you can possibly get.

Remember that you can use juice or fizzy drinks etc, for the glowing effect. However there are quite a few drinks on sale that already come with the glowing effect. Basically anything that has quinine in it will probably glow, so check the labels or better yet keep a pocket U.V lamp with you when you go out shopping for them. 

Heres some ideas for drinks that will glow with the use of our black light.

-Vodka and redbull
-Gin and Tonic
-Vodka and sprite
-Pina colada with white rum
-Absinthe shots
-Opal nera black sambucca shots

Another great idea is  to have glowing jelly shots. Simple prepare your jello shots with the vitamin B or mix in some of the liquids allready suggested in the above article.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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