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The Basics of Decorating with lighting at Your Party

The Basics of Decorating with lighting at Your Party
The Basics of Decorating with lighting at Your Party
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The lighting listed in this category can be used for just about any event, from your average block party to that special dinner date you have been working on for Valentine’s Day. This decoration comes all forms, from standard types that you must string up to use to unusual ones that may double as pathway lights. At Party Supplies Now, we have all of these available. Here we discuss some of the best ways to use these sorts of lights when decorating at your party

 The most common way of decorating with string lights is obviously to hang a wire-type string light over a wall or archway. When decorating archways or gateways, take note that you want to go with noticeable lights that can help provide a statement. Smaller lights work better for other areas, but archways are best decorated with more flamboyant elements. For example, you could go with a regular set of Christmas-type lights for the rest of a party area, then decorate key places — such as the archways, stage, dance floor area — with blue/white tone string lights featuring 7cm. balls encasing each light and thus providing emphasis. You might also go with a different set of colours, of course, but what is important is to provide a note of interest to the more important locations for the party.

Ball-encased lights are actually very popular. This is perhaps because of the softening, radiant effect the ball-shaped cases bring, as they force the light inside to spread out over the sphere hemming it in and thus create a more glowing sort of radiance that emanates gently from the orb. When you are decorating with these, take care to match the casing with the party, which is to say that you should choose more elegant, subdued lights for more elegant, subdued parties and choose brighter, wilder lights for brighter, wilder parties.

Let us take an example of this: if you have a party for younger people — teens or children, for example — you would be more likely to decorate with bright-coloured ball lights that lend a more modern look to the party. But if you have a party for an older age group, bright-coloured ball lights of hues ranging from pink to neon green might strike the wrong chord with your guests. You would probably want to go with more mature and toned-down hues as well as lights whose cases have unusual textures. For example, black/white cotton ball string lights are excellent choices in these situations as they look elegant and the textured cases present beautifully in soothing, calm settings.

This style of lighting is not limited to archways and walls, as mentioned earlier. Nowadays, you may even find lights that double as pathway or accenting lights for your carpets and walks. These can provide a lovely sort of accent to your parties if you use them right. For example, a 9m rope light can be used to line your outdoor walkway and direct guests to the entrance of the venue. A set of 30 piece fibre optic path lights would do much the same thing, providing added sparkle due to the ability to set the patterns in which their lights display. You can achieve a great many effects with fairy lights if you just experiment a little with the materials, so expand your horizons and test out some ideas.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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