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Latest research on how to prevent a hangover

Latest research on how to prevent a hangover
Latest research on how to prevent a hangover
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Ahhh the dreaded hangover.. It has hit most of us pretty hard usually on a number of previous occasions. Imagine for a moment a great night out drinking with friends and waking up in the morning feeling fresh and clear headed... Could it be possible? Is there a way for this to happen? .. Read on.... .

How to Cure a Hangover

A lot of people wish that they don’t have to contend with a hangover the next day after drinking too much the night before. That pounding headache, the need to rush to the bathroom to empty the contents of your stomach and even that dry feeling on your mouth are nothing to be fond of. You probably have tried making your own concoction to alleviate the turmoil in your stomach or even rummage around your medicine cabinet to get rid of that splitting headache you are nursing.  Some are lucky enough to survive the ordeal of having a hangover but not everyone can. 
Folk remedies like having plenty of sleep, avoiding caffeine and drinking lots of water or juice are said to restore you back to your normal self. Some even believe that drinking another alcoholic beverage the following day can alleviate hangover but studies have shown that this can only prolong your agony all through the next day. Eating meals that are high on fat and grease content? Not a good idea. This will only cause havoc on your stomach and you will eventually feel the worse for wear. 
Although Alka Seltzer has been used as instant remedy for hangover and to settle that roiling stomach of yours, it is still not sufficient to give your body enough replenishment of the liquids and vitamins you have lost the night before. This requires better measures and not just traditional remedies you have learned from your elders or those fast acting medicines that don’t do much except to give you momentary relief. What you need is a cure that will not only free you from the symptoms of hangover but also help your body regain its much needed vitamins and liquid. 
Here's the information about what doctors now know about your Body and what it needs to prevent a hangover..
Over the years a lot of research has been put to discover the most efficient way to battle a hangover. The results show that there are certain components that your body should have in order to get back to its normal rhythm after your alcohol binge. Here are the important chemicals we now know that your body needs after drinking.
• Vitamin A – This component is found in the liver which is known for its antioxidant properties. 
• Vitamin C – Vitamin C helps the liver in breaking down the alcohol you have consumed. It is also known to protect your liver after being abused too much by your excessive drinking. Taking vitamin C can also help boost your immune system so you won’t have to be prone to getting sick. 
• Vitamin E – This type of antioxidant prevents free radicals from harming your body while at the same time adding its protection to your liver. 
• Vitamin B Complex – Splitting headache? This hangover symptom is caused by blood vessels being restricted due to your alcohol consumption. Vitamin B Complex helps in loosening up these restricted vessels so your blood can flow freely. What’s more, this chemical component speeds up your body’s ability to metabolize the alcohol in your body which means you can get rid of your hangover quickly. 
• Magnesium – If you are worried about the damage to your arteries due to your strong intake of alcohol then this component can help you out. Magnesium is known to for its ability to help boost your arteries’ health and prevent damage to them in the long run. 
• Potassium – When you have a hangover your muscles feel watery and over fatigued. Potassium is the key to relieving your muscle of tiredness so you will feel better immediately. 

These aren’t the only components that your body needs in order to get through the ordeal of having a hangover. As a matter of fact, there are other proprietary blends that will give your body more than you expect from a cure for that nasty hangover. Here are some examples:
• Malic Acid – Your body may have toxins coming from your alcoholic drink and Malic Acid will easily remove them. Also it helps improve your body’s metabolism while at the same time give you more energy too. 
• L-Glutamine – Are you wondering what the main reason for hangovers is? Well, its acetaldehyde and L-Glutamine is the best way to combat it by speeding it up. L-Glutamine also pushes your liver to produce L-Glutathione which is a powerful antioxidant. 
• L-Glutathione – Like it was mentioned before, L-Glutathione is a type of antioxidant that has plenty of power. Aside from helping the liver in breaking down alcohol in your body it also maintains the function of other antioxidants like vitamins A and C. Any oxidative stress that your body feels after drinking too much liquor will be alleviated by L-Glutathione. 
• L-Alanine – Consuming too much alcohol can leave your brain befuddled but with L-Alanine which functions as a neurotransmitter, your nervous system as well as your brain will get its much needed energy. You can also count on L-Alanine to direct nitrogen to your liver in order to maintain your blood sugar. 
• Green Tea Extract – Faster metabolism is the main function of Green Tea extract which is one of the things that your body needs to combat hangover. 
• Prickly Pear Extract – When under stress, the body releases proteins that help in recovery so you will be able to bear the brunt of a late night out. Any oxidative stress that you experience while drinking is fought by the Prickly Pear Extract while helping your immune system combat those free radicals that are up to no good. 
• Milk Thistle Extract – Also referred to as the “Smart Herb” this extract helps in detoxifying the liver, blood and brain. The term “smart” is attached to it because of its ability to know exactly when your body needs to be repaired, protected and even when the right time to produce brand new cells to keep your liver operating smoothly. 
Now that you have an idea on what are the components of an effective cure for a hangover, you are probably wondering whether such a cure exists. Well, this is where HEADS UP comes in. This unique product is the key to saving yourself from that massive hangover you often nurse after drinking heavily the night before. If you are planning on a night out with your best friends where drinks will be served then you better prepare yourself with this drink to save yourself from a hangover. 
Don’t let your body suffer through loss of those vitamins and enough liquid when you drink. After all, you will be nursing a massive headache come the morning and it will take your body some time to completely heal itself. This is why, you need to have a cure on hand so that you can enjoy your liquor without having to worry about dealing with all the symptoms of a hangover the next day. With HEADS UP all your defenses will be up and running and you can easily say goodbye to that uncomfortable feeling of waking up with a headache, a roiling stomach and a body that won’t function of its own accord. Before you hit the sack, drink Party Armor and let your body recover while you get that revitalizing sleep you sorely need so you will feel better in the morning. 
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Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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