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Tips and ideas for a costume party

Tips and ideas for a costume party
Tips and ideas for a costume party
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Having a costume party is a lot of fun. People can let their imaginations run wild and they can wear almost anything they like. Unfortunately that is also the problem with costume parties. Deciding what costume to wear is a problem in itself and going through the hassle of getting a costume made can cause people to be not as enthusiastic about a costume party as you would like. Fortunately you can make sure that these problems do not get in the way of your party being a really enjoyable one.

Firstly, you should let your guests know beforehand that you are having a costume party and that they should start preparing a costume for it. Letting your friends know about the costume party will give them ample time to prepare a good costume for the party. On the other hand sending an invitation too early will not excite your friends as much as they should be and they will get too lazy about the costumes and not be able to prepare them in time which is exactly what you wanted to avoid in the first place. The trick is to let them know at an adequate time; not too early and not too late either.

Secondly, send your guests an invitation for the costume party that also includes pointers regarding what kind of costumes they can kind of costumes they can wear and how they can make a costume. Giving them these ideas would make them more enthusiastic about the whole costume thing and you can expect them to turn up to the party wearing great costumes. You should let them know through the invitations (through email, text message or any other medium of communication you prefer) that they do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on their costumes, their normal, everyday clothes along with a few twists and turns and accessories can make a good costume. Of course the use of good make up and pieces of clothes used here and there are essential for a funky and creative costume. All it takes is some imagination and creativity and resourcefulness to make a good costume. Letting your guests know all this in advance would help them lighten up towards the idea of a costume party.

As far as your own costume is concerned, there are plenty of costumes that you can choose from. There are many things you can use to make your costume up as well. You can come dressed up as a cowboy. Although a cowboy costume is nothing new, it is easy to assemble a cowboy costume. Use a Flashing Cowboy Hat and Fake Moustaches and your halfway there. You can easily find a sheriff badge from toy stores and the rest of the cowboy attire is not hard to find; you can search online for one or you can even go through your own wardrobe to find things that you can use for your cowboy costume.

 In case you are a female, the princess/beauty pageant costume always works. Ask one of your friends for a dress or gown if you do not have one yourself and wear a Flashing Princess Tiara. Make sure you get your hair done to look classy and keep the makeup elegant as well.

In contrast to a classy beauty pageant costume you can dress up as a police woman as well. Nothing says sexy and strong better than a nice police outfit. You can wear the police shades and wear something black along with a policewoman hat and black boots or you can vary the shade of your outfit and use a Policewoman Dress up Kit that is coloured pink.

There are plenty of other ideas as far as costumes are concerned, all you have to do is use your imagination and enjoy the making and wearing your costume.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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