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Cocktail Party: A Beginners Guide

Cocktail Party: A Beginners Guide
Cocktail Party: A Beginners Guide
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Cocktail parties are planned for many of reasons. They are great for birthdays, a post or prenuptial event, a memorable anniversary, or for a random get together with friends and loved ones. Regardless of the reason or occasion, throwing your next cocktail party will surely be a no-brainer with these cocktail party essentials. Read on and plan your next cocktail bash like a pro.

Impressive Booze: No bartending skills? No worries. The classic margarita is as simple as mixing 6 ounces of frozen limeade concentrate, 2 fluid ounces of triple sec, and 6 fluid ounces of tequila. Add a dose of twist by converting it into a frozen margarita. Simply blend in 4 ounces of frozen berries and you’re good to go. For guests who may not be into alcohol, mock cocktails or “mocktails” are your best bets. Shirley temple is one of the most infamous mocktails known around the globe. Mix in 2 parts of grenadine with 4 parts of clear lemon soda, and garnish with maraschino cherries. 

The appealing red tone of this drink will look perfect on a cocktail fountain. The reasonable cost of the ingredients will also be perfect if you are working on a budget.  You may also want to make an impression on your male guests with a black martini. All you need is a visit to your nearest booze shop. Just mix in a 50ml bottle of Smirnoff Black vodka with 5ml of Dry Vermouth. Garnish your seemingly sophisticated concoction with a lemon twist to make this drink look more delectable. With these cocktail tricks up your sleeve, your guests wouldn’t even notice that there are no professional bartenders around.  

 Awesome Entertainment: A cocktail party should leave your guests dancing the night away, or singing fun and memorable tunes throughout the night. Investing on a great musician, a live band, or an amusing entertainer is a must. Knowing the taste or general preference of your guests in terms of entertainment will help you decide when scouting for the right people to hire.

Great Food: Heavy main course meals are not usually served in cocktail parties. Appetizing finger foods or hors d’oeuvrs (read:/ordervs/) are practically the most ideal food options. A simple bruschetta drizzled with garlic and olive, topped with prosciutto, will be a great starter. For light eaters, assorted cold cuts, dumplings, or nachos can also be alternatives.

Unique Cocktail Paraphernalia: You’ve impressed them with your drinks, entertained them with a great band, and gave them gastronomic treats…If you’re up for an average party, these could all be enough. But if you want to raise the notch higher, you can still wow them with great presentation and an unforgettable venue. Serve your frozen margarita on a literally frozen shot glass, or serve that bottle of vodka with a shots party gun to add more fun to their cocktail experience. You can also surround your venue with Rattan ball fairy lights to add that ambience of subdued elegance. These add-ons may not be staples, but they will make your cocktail party one of the best parties that your guests could ever ask for. You must admit, the smiles on their faces can be simply priceless.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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