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Cocktail Mixes and the Basics for a Cocktail Party

Cocktail Mixes and the Basics for a Cocktail Party
Cocktail Mixes and the Basics for a Cocktail Party
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Putting together a cocktail party is fairly simple — as long as you have the materials necessary for it.  Besides your cocktail mixes, there are a few things you absolutely have to have in your cocktail party if you want it to be a smashing (pun intended) success.  If you get all of these ready ahead of time, your party should go without a hitch and you and your friends should have a great night to remember.

The first thing to get ready, of course, should be the list of mixes you are planning to serve.  This simplifies the process of choosing equipment for the party and also lets you make your ingredients shopping list ahead of time.  If you want to have an even easier time doing the cocktails at the party, it would be better to go with flavours, such as a fruit tingle cocktail mix or an illusion cocktail mix.  These can speed up your cocktail preparations by a significant fraction of time.

Next, of course, you want your cocktail mixer.  A cocktail mixer is something you absolutely cannot go without when having a cocktail party, and if you purchase one that just so happens to be easy to use, everyone at the party shall appreciate your foresight when they use the gadget and find themselves perfectly capable of carrying on conversations while mixing up their next drink.  Our cocktail mixer actually looks good on a bar, with its modern-industrial design, and also presents brightly-coloured drinks very well through the transparent container.  

The next thing you want in your list is actually something without which a cocktail party cannot exist.  Yes, you guessed it right: the ice cube maker.  You might be wondering why you should not just settle for using the ice in your fridge, but everyone who has every given a cocktail party knows that the meager supply from the ice maker in the refrigerator is never enough for these sorts of occasions.  Cocktail parties eat up ice by the bag, so you shall find yourself running short of ice very early into the event.  

A common remedy for this is to go out and purchase several large bags — practically sacks — of ice to cart back home.  But do you really want to solve the problem this way and have to lug several sacks of ice from the convenience or grocery store to your car, where they sit dripping or getting interiors moist with the condensate, then out of the car and into your house?  Chances are, your fridge shall not even be able to accommodate all the bags you brought back, so you shall have to search for several coolers in which to stash the hoard.  And if the coolers are not even big enough… well, let us just say you shall have another problem on your hands.

Evidently, the better solution would be to have a fast and easy ice cube maker.  Ours performs the task of ice cube-making in a simple ten minutes, giving you up an amazing 15kg of ice in a single hour.  This is one of the best gadgets you could ever get for your cocktail parties, as it simplifies one of the biggest and most troublesome tasks in the lot.  This handy little gadget also rounds out the list of basics you absolutely must have for your cocktail party preparations.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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