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Ideas for Mexican Theme Party

Ideas for Mexican Theme Party
Ideas for Mexican Theme Party
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Mexican theme parties are a joy to attend, what with the fiesta atmosphere and delicious food to be found at them.  If you have never thrown one, however, you may need a little help in putting together a party that is believably Mexican in its theme.  To that end, party props and decorations can help you immensely by simulating all the typical notes of Mexico at its festive best.

The first thing to prepare when arranging a Mexican theme event should be the décor.  People typically expect things such as colourful fiesta streamers and towering cacti to be in a Mexican theme party and you can certainly arrange for those things — but it may take up more space and time than the average party-planner would like, and might even be a prickly hazard in the case of the cacti.  Thus, you may want to use items such as assorted Mexican fiesta cutouts instead.  These cutouts are designed specifically to help theme Mexican-style parties and the images on them are perfect for that purpose. 

While most Mexican fiesta cutouts already have cacti in their designs, they are usually not as tall as you would probably like — the image of the three- or four-armed cactus standing tall and lonely is a nonnegotiable for a Mexican-themed landscape, after all, and having it merely as a small background detail on a cutout would not be sufficient for most party decorators.  If this is the case for you, you can find a cactus scene setter instead.  These scene setters can be applied to your walls and look marvelous lording it over otherwise bare areas of a room.  They usually require no other items to enhance the effect in that particular corner.

Of course, no Mexican theme party is complete without a sombrero party hat for each guest.  You can give these out when guests arrive and even ask some willing guests to bring their guitars and entertain everyone with some nice singing.  You can even go a step further and get some fake moustaches to give out for the occasion.  Pretty soon, you shall find everyone getting into the fun and donning the false moustaches while putting on ponchos and their sombreros.

There are other things you can add to the décor, of course.  One particular staple that simply has to be mentioned is none other than the piñata.  All true Mexican theme parties simply have to have a piñata, and providing one for your guests would be appreciated.  Making a piñata is fairly easy as well if you have basic knowledge of how to work with papier-mâché, and you can get many tutorials online as to how to pull off a good piñata.  If it proves too complex for you or simply takes up more effort than you would like, however, you can simply leave the piñata-making to someone else: you can actually buy piñatas from specific stores now.

As you can see, putting together Mexican theme celebration is hardly difficult, and is also quite enjoyable, to say the least.  Even if you do require your guests to come in costume, you shall find most of them very accommodating as well, since Mexican-themed costumes are not hard to come by.  Now you only need to focus on the food you are serving to make sure that everything goes perfectly.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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