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How to have an Oscar awards theme party

The Oscars are considered to be the most glamorous and star studded event of the year. Of course an Oscar party will be a black tie event, invitations only to give it that glamour factor. Planning an Oscar awards theme party will have to have an element of glamour and sophistication in it as well as the element of fun. In order to have such a party you need to put some thought into how you are going to have an Oscar awards themed celebration

An Oscar party needs to have the appropriate décor to give it that Hollywood glamour. The Oscars awards usually have different themes every year and each one is better and more unique than the next. To host your very own Oscar event and make it a success, you need a well thought out plan. Plenty of décor items can be found in our online shop, all you have to do is to choose items that would work for your event. The following are some ideas and products that you can use to make your night one to remember.

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The planning for your Oscar awards theme party should start right from the beginning or in other words the invitations for your party. Since an Oscar party is an invitation only party it would only be fair to create your very own Oscars awards invitations. The invitations should have a theme related to movies such as a having a film reel on the cover or even pictures of the top nominated actors and actresses. Most people even send out invitations with a simple gold star on the envelope representing the glamour of Hollywood. If you want to have invitational cards that really set the mood for your upcoming Oscar awards themed party, then make invitational cards shaped like iconic academy award statuettes and paint them gold. Of course there are endless possibilities as far as ideas related to the invitations are concerned. Feel free to exercise your creativity but keep in mind the Oscar theme of the party and stick to things related to this theme.

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Your goal for your Oscar awards theme party is to create that whole Oscars feel for your party and make the guests feel like stars attending the biggest event in the silver screen calendar. What better thing to create that very feeling among your guests than one of the most glamorous features of the Oscars; the red carpet. The Red Carpet Runner will give your  party that "Hollywood" factor and will be a great way for your guests to feel like real stars and enjoy themselves. If you have a bit of extra cash then hire a photographer to take pictures of you and your guests on the red carpet before everybody moves into the real party area. This is definitely going to build that feeling of excitement among the guests and will make them eager to step into the area where the main party is. Moreover, you can keep the pictures taken on the red carpet and they will definitely look good in your photo collection.

The red carpet at the entrance of the event will look quite dull without the appropriate lighting; lighting is after all an essential feature of any party. You need appropriate lights to make the red carpet look like the real deal. If you are wondering what to use to light up the red carpet, take a look at the Glow Products section of our online store and see what would look good on your red carpet. Of course you would need some spotlights for some serious lighting but using something like the Moondot Revolving disco light can add that an extra lighting effect that would contribute to your event.

Once you are past the red carpet decorations and planning, you can head on to the actual party itself. The actual party is where you can use things that are typical for the Oscars, but you can do them in a fun way to make the party really enjoyable. This means that you should keep that Oscars ambience but with some personal touches. For example, keep the lighting elegant and play soft music in the background, however you can plan an awards giving ceremony where you award your friends with some funny awards; give a friend the funniest joke of the year award or the biggest nerd of the year award. The whole point of this party is to have fun with your friends while having a taste of what a real glamour event is like.

Speaking of taste, keep the food elegant and rather exotic. This is one event where you can bring out the chef inside you. Go ahead and cook some special dishes and keep the drinks equally elegant; instead of going for normal drinks go for something more classy. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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