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disco lights

disco lights
disco lights
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Ages even before humans harnessed the power of electricity for spotlights and dance floor laser shows, light was already a staple when it came to party entertainment and ambiance.  The people of old relied on illumination from bonfires, candles, torches, and various other kinds of flame-lit light sources before coming up with the modern light devices of today, which you can now avail  to draw attention to specific areas of your party, to set the mood, or even simply to give your guests something flashy on which to focus.

While you can still use the traditional spotlight for focus effects, you can also make use of more advanced technology to give your party lights a more modern feel and also to serve as entertainment on their own.  For example, a particularly popular choice with most party planners nowadays is the moondot revolving disco light, which relies on no less than 18 revolving multi-coloured LED lights arranged almost in kaleidoscope pattern and set to rotate, change colours, and even change direction with the beat of the music you are playing.  Dance clubs and many upbeat bars make use of similar lights to establish a strong, pulsing party atmosphere, and you can do the same for your party.

If the entertainment you seek with respect to blending lights and music is a little more retro, however, you can go with a disco party light.  Boasting four large and differently-coloured lamps in a boombox-style package, these lights also follow the beat of the music when flashing but have a decidedly stronger retro feel to them.  You can use these lights to make the most of your retro or disco parties, but they need not even be restricted to that.  These make great room decorations for young individuals, especially teenagers, for example.  You can even use them to light up your outdoor parties or dances, and perhaps as atmosphere-setting lights at your next karaoke party.

There are more laid-back versions of party illumination now, of course.  For example, the above mentioned lights would be somewhat out of place at a quiet, conversation-heavy cocktail party.  If so, you can go with something such as table lights instead.  Instead of going with something typical such as candles, you can even create some unique table lights by getting a giant martini vase for each table, then submerging some submersible LED lamps in the water placed in each vase.  This can look very stylish when done properly, and is also easy to set up and clean after the party.

Finally, you can go all out in your use of lights as entertainment items for your next party by getting some fireworks.  Unfortunately, we all know that fireworks are not exactly the safest entertainment sources in the world — nor are they cheap, if you really want to get good ones.  However, the well-known gaming company, Sega, has come up with an answer to that: the indoor fireworks projector, which works almost like a planetarium and which you can use to project realistic, beautifully exploding fireworks in a darkened room.  This item shall be sure to wow everyone who sees it — and best of all, you do not have to worry about any fingers being blown off or anyone getting an asthma attack from the harmful fumes of traditional fireworks.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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