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Drinking Games For Parties

Drinking Games For Parties
Drinking Games For Parties
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Drinking parties are usually made up of three main components: the drinks, the company, and the drinking game.  It is easy to see why the ancients considered the god of revelry and sport to be the god of wine as well: there is simply something about drinking that makes it a prime companion for a bit of fun.  There are countless drinking games in existence already, and most of them require a prop or two to be executed.  If you want something a little more exciting, however, why not get some drinkware that is just naturally made for partying?  There are actually quite a few drinking items that have the idea of sport as a key element in their designs, and you shall be guaranteed to have a great time trying them out with your drinking buddies. 

The simplest example of such products would be board games such as the Beer Shooter game, the Lucky Shooter game, and the Exciting Roulette drinking game.  Board games such as these are created specifically for parties, and you can have great fun playing them with your friends the next time you meet instead of dragging out the Monopoly.  These boards can also be used to create your own drinking games: you can simply create or append your own rules to the games using the boards already provided.  A lot of people actually make their own board games for drinking, so you may try that as well.

Another example of entertaining drinkware you can get for your parties is the alcohol shot gun.  This is easily one of the most exhilarating — not to mention wildest — instruments you can have at your parties.  The alcohol shot gun works by being loaded with a shot of your favourite liquor, then being used to shoot that in a jet into someone’s mouth, or perhaps even at someone’s face.  In fact, it is probably fairly safe to say that the latter possibility is the bigger probability between the two, because most of the people who use this at parties end up daring each other to take the jet in their mouths perfectly, and thus end up committing all manner of hilarious acts simply to sabotage their friend’s attempt to win the challenge.

A milder alternative to these would be alcohol jelly Syringe Shooterz.  These “syringes” can be filled up with a specific alcoholic jelly and then used to deliver that jelly to someone’s mouth.  The resulting jet is far gentler than what you get with the alcohol shot gun drinkware, of course, so you do not have to worry about spills with this item.  Still, it can be a fun item to have at parties.

A final suggestion for those who are interested in drinkware like the alcohol shot gun and syringes would be a traditional wineskin.  More popularly used in Europe — they are still used in some of the provinces of countries such as Spain until now — they make wonderful additions to a wine-themed party, and can even make for interesting dares.  Most people have no idea how difficult it can be to drink properly from a wineskin: you are not allowed to touch your lips to it and typically lift it as far as 30 or so centimetres from your head to project the jet.  You can challenge your friends to do it for a specific length of time and set punishments for those who fail.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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