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5 Great Glow Products to Bring Out for the Holidays

5 Great Glow Products to Bring Out for the Holidays
5 Great Glow Products to Bring Out for the Holidays
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Once the holiday season comes in, the glow products come out.  In some countries it is because the darker hours arriving earlier leads to heavier, more demanding illumination needs.  In others, it is because the rush of holidays means a train of parties and festivities that simply have to be celebrated with more lights and.  While you can certainly opt to go with the standard glow products for your own events at this time—perhaps some string lights for the Christmas tree or some candles for outdoor parties—you can also expand your range a little when it comes to the glowing items you use to provide a more interesting experience for your guests.

For example, if you are going to be having a poolside party in your home this holiday season, you could use an Asian-inspired take on the usual floating glow products by using Chinese Floating Lanterns.  These cubes of light look wonderful on the pool and can even be personalised by having something written or drawn onto the sides for an intriguing effect.  Since they are not lit by flame, you do not have to worry either about them being extinguished with a gust of wind or if someone picks them up a little carelessly to put them somewhere else.

Now if your party is going to be inside and involves some element of dancing, you can bring in a retro touch by using some Double Disco Light Balls Effect pieces.  These are capable of complete rotation and cast authentic, disco-like patterns in different colour all around a room: a perfect choice for the disco fiends out there.  You can also select something a little more serene if that is what you would prefer, of course.  For instance, an Amazing Laser Moonstar Projector would go a long way towards establishing a dreamy, night-sky feel in your party space without you actually needing to take the party outside.  This is also a great selection if you want versatility in your lighting special effects.  The projector’s “cloud” or “waterfall” effect can be adjusted through different settings to achieve unique effects, and can simulate various star fields.

Then there are the glow products that you put on or take in your hands, of course.  Even if Halloween has just wrapped up, there are other events that still merit a costume preparation or two, and you can be a talking point in yourself by wearing something that really catches other people’s attention.  For instance, you can look mischievous in a red suit or dress with a Devil Horns Flashing Head Band on your crown.  And for the young — and young at heart — you can get something that you can really play with, such as a Blue Lightsaber.  This shall be sure to captivate most of the Star Wars fans in the room and possible even those who are not original fans of the series: the bright blue glow simply sticks out in any room and the piece is a collector’s item as well.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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