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Some Fun Novelties to Use for Parties or Entertainment

Some Fun Novelties to Use for Parties or Entertainment
Some Fun Novelties to Use for Parties or Entertainment
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Novelties can be wonderful tools for elevating the interest at your parties, precisely because of what they are: the ability to bring something new to the table is always good when you are entertaining others, and getting the latest in novelty items can help you ensure that you always give your guests a talking point or two during the event.  

If you are going to be having a pool party or are simply going to be opening the part of your yard with the pool to the guests, you may want to invest some money in getting special illumination for the water.  A popular option in pool light novelties these days is a Disco Pool Light – Large.  These pool lights are waterproof and fitted with LEDs that cast colourful disco lights.  The lights reflect off the surface of the pool itself and make for dazzling kaleidoscopes of colour in the water: the more of them that you use, the better and more striking the effect achieved.  Your pool can even look like a mystical pond if you turn down all the lights nearby and let the water provide the illumination.

You do not have to let your pool get all the light action: there are novelties for drinking products as well.  For example, a Flashing Beer Mug would make a great item to use at parties: not only is it hard to misplace, it can provide some entertainment as well for guests who shall be fascinated by the idea of drinking out of a glowing, futuristic mug.  To that end, you can use this product for a whole range of themed parties, from futuristic ones even to disco-type events.  

You can even get some novelties that turn your drinking parties into games.  For example, Crazy Straws would let you add an element of interest to each drink by providing pipes and junctions that can be used to create an absolutely insane drink delivery system.  You do not have to restrict yourselves to providing more places from which to sip: you can even make more places from which to draw liquid.  This means that you can hook up several drinks at a time to a single, convoluted “straw-line” and create a type of cocktail in your mouth as you sip from several drinks at once.  It can even be turned into a game to see who can finish drinks the fastest given several hooked up to the same straw-line at once—this actually requires significant sucking power, so it can easily turn hilarious.

If you want subtler novelties, though, you always have the option of just getting out some ice cube trays with unusual shapes for the ice: there are Cool Jewels ice trays, for example that create beautiful, jewel-cut ice pieces for your cocktails.  For something even more unusual, look for the Cool Jazz – Ice Mold sets.  These come with a handle that you freeze with the water, which is set in a mould that is shaped like a guitar body.  Pop any of these in your drinks and see your guests marvel at your attention to detail.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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