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Little Details That Dress Up a Party Venue

Little Details That Dress Up a Party Venue
Little Details That Dress Up a Party Venue
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The saying goes that it is all in the details, and sometimes, that actually does hold true.  There are occasions when you go to attend a huge bash for which the party planner has obviously invested a lot of his time and effort, yet the thing that sticks out the most to you is one tiny detail, a brilliantly arranged bouquet here perhaps, or a canny selection of banner colours there.  Most professional party planners understand this concept and actually do put it in practice often: sometimes, the most important thing to do when you dress up a venue is the smallest thing of all.

Think of a lounge- or casual bar-themed party, for example, that you might be having in your home.  Little tweaks can be made to enhance the effect you are trying to get and bring you closer to that home run for which you were aiming.  For instance, you could dress up the place by replacing the shades on your lamps with dimming ones to simulate the relaxed, dim-lighting bar effect.  And if you have couches all around the area, replace the throw pillows with an LED cushion that actually transforms your pillows into illumination tools as well as conversation pieces.

Now if you are working for a different sort of effect, perhaps one that is more glamorous, you could try to find something that calls to mind the idea of glamour for most people.  For instance, the allure of an actual red carpet runner is irresistible to the glamour-hungry, and you can even pair it with some stanchions and ropes to complete the red carpet look.  And if you happen to have an eye for the ultimate in details, you could set up this runner next to a wall where you can hang some LED lights that mimic the appearance of camera flashes going off.

Prop details do not always have to be 3D objects per se.  For example, if you are going to be having a Mexican-themed party, why not get an actual Mexican fiesta banner and set it up with some smaller fiesta banners to trim the walls and archways in the venue?  This would make the party feel so much more authentic, especially if you have the gumption to serve only authentic Mexican food (or whatever fare may fit your intentions for the party) during the event.

Now if you are having a Hawaiian-themed party or a pool party of some kind, you can dress up the area by adding little potted palms to the venue.  If real potted palms are in short supply, though, you need not despair: there are also large inflatable palm tree drink cooler products that you can use to simulate the tropical or “beach” feel you want.  And because they also happen to serve as coolers, you are also getting a functional piece of decoration that does not just sit there.  These inflatable coolers can actually hold quite a large amount of liquor, so you may want to stock up on the beer cans for that.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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