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Inexpensive yet Great Centerpieces for Your Table

Inexpensive yet Great Centerpieces for Your Table
Inexpensive yet Great Centerpieces for Your Table
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Looking for inexpensive yet great centerpieces for your table? Look no further! This article shall enlighten you regarding table centerpieces that do not cost a lot yet look as good as or even better than really expensive centerpieces.

Really delicious food will not look anywhere near as good sitting on a plain table than it would on a beautifully decorated table. It is important therefore, to adorn your table as well as you can before any party or event held at your place that involves lunch or dinner served at your table. So the best way to impress the guests is to have a stylishly decorated table and not just really good food.

In our online store we have some wonderful table centerpieces. The best thing about these products is that they will make your table look really beautiful without taking too much away from your pocket. One such item is the Giant Martini Vase. This is a simple yet elegant vase that can be used as a centerpiece all by itself, or with a little bit of creativity, the Giant Martini Vase can be made to look more grand and extravagant. You can simply use this vase without putting anything inside it or you can fill it up with water and put a big drinks umbrella on it to make it look like a giant martini glass. 

If you can find large fake olives, then you can put them inside the water filled Giant Martini Vase to make it look even more authentic. If you think this vase is a little too simple for your taste, then you can add a couple of items to it to make it look like a more complete decoration piece. 

You can fill this vase up with Mini Ice/ Diamond Crystals to make the vase look even more sparkly and crystalline. Yet another thing that you can add to this vase to make it look even more attractive is Instant Snow. Instant snow can be made easily using only water and instant snow powder.

 Fill the vase up with instant snow and spread some around the base of the vase to make it look even more beautiful. There are plenty more products that can be added to the Giant Martini Vase to make it have an even more attention-grabbing effect. As an example you can fill the vase up with a coloured liquid or colured water (you can choose any colour such as red or blue) and place a White Submersible LED light at the bottom of the vase to illuminate the coloured water from the inside and give the whole vase an accentuated look. The White Submersible LED light is quite inexpensive and will act as a beautiful centerpiece for your table and will look quite expensive and impressive to your guests.

Moving away from the Giant Martini Vase, you will find quite a few other products in our store, which can make really good centerpieces for your table. You can use a Cylinder Vase as your table centerpiece. Much like the Giant Martini Vase, the Cylinder Vase is a rather simple yet elegant centerpiece that is perfect for people who believe that ‘less is more’. However, if you want to add more to this vase, then you can use the small items mentioned earlier that can be added to the Giant Martini vase. For instance, by pouring coloured water into the vase and placing a White Submersible LED light or a Multi-Coloured Submersible LED light at the bottom of the vase, you can make the vase look exquisite. An alternative to adding water to the Cylinder Vase is to fill up the Vase with Water Crystals

These water crystals come in granule form, which expand into crystal when water is added to them. So you can simply place the Cylinder Vase at the center of your table, place a White or a mulit-colour submersible LED light at the bottom of the cylinder, place the water crystal granules inside the vase, add water to them and observe while your once simple vase turns into an exquisite work of art. Such a center piece would look quite expensive and impressive to your guests as well, but only you would know that it took only a few dollars to come up with such a beautiful centerpiece.

The two vases, mentioned in this article, are perfect examples of how you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on a beautiful center piece; with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can put together a centerpiece that looks worth a lot more than it actually is. 


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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