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Balloon Decorations

Balloon Decorations
Balloon Decorations
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Whether it's your child's birthday or just any other regular event balloons can spice up the atmosphere for any party in an instant. Balloons have been known to make any dull and uninteresting environment turn in to a vibrant and cheerful one instantly because they are so colorful. Balloons can be arranged in so many ways that the sky's the limit as they can be filled in with air, helium and even water. You can use them to make different shapes and figured or you can just hang them around the venue on their own. Either way balloons prove to be an important necessity in our events nowadays. Without balloons no party is complete.

If you're confused as to what kind of balloon you should use at your venue then here are a few tips and tricks and we will explain how you can use some of our products to make the event a complete success. Let's start with a smashing product we sell called link-o-loons. Link-o-loons are basically specially designed balloons with a unique elongated tail which you can use to tie it to another balloon.  You can use these balloons to create amazing structures like arches, 3D mirror balls, and other figures. Imagination and creativity is all you need to use this product and you can create something completely unique and mind blowing. Each pack comes with 50 balloons in it which you can use. You can also find them in an assortment of colors to match your parties theme. You can even find a multi colored balloons pack with an assortment of colors.

If your hosting a birthday party then you can even find a happy birthday Link-o-loon which has an alphabet on each of the balloons and when you tie them all together it spells out happy birthday which is much more unique than a regular old poster.

Regular 25cm metallic assorted latex balloons can also be very useful at any event you're planning to host. These balloons come in a pack of 10 and are in an assortment of colors so that you can use them all over the venue to make it look bright and cheerful. You have the choice of either filling them with air or helium. It's totally up to you which one you want. For most people it can be quite expensive to hire a professional to fill the balloons with helium. So you would wonder what would be the most cost-effective thing to do in such a situation in which you do not want to go over budget.

The simple solution is to buy a great and innovative product called the helium tank and balloon kit which is a small and perfectly portable helium tank that you can use to fill up all your ballons at the party. The best part is that the manufacturers claim that the balloons will be afloat for around 5 to 7 hours after being filled. The kit comes with 30 balloons and a spool of ribbons. So if you have not bought balloons you do not need to as the kit comes with them. This product is ideal if you are planning a party on a budget and do not have any room in your budget to hire a professional. It's an extremely easy product to use. Its light and portable and you can literally carry it anywhere around the house.

If you're planning a party other than a birthday party you can even use specifically designed themed balloons such as fiesta balloons. These balloons come in a 25 assorted colored pack with fiesta written on them with a glass martini on it. These balloons can be used to set the ambience of your next party and everyone will definitely rave about your creativity.

At the end of the day a party should be enjoyed to the fullest no matter if it’s a birthday party or a simply gathering of friends for drinks. To make your party one which is enjoyable for both you and your guests try to pre-order all your supplies ahead of time so that you are not held up with any last minute hassles. Such incidents can lead to a lot of problems and you might even end up not enjoying your own party. Last minute details cannot be solved in the case of supplies as you will not have any time to order new ones or replace the already existing ones. So be sure to pre-order all your supplies at least one month before the actual event is planned so that you have enough time to fix any problems that might arise during the party.


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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