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Hens Party Decorations

Hens Party Decorations
Hens Party Decorations
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A hen’s party is a tradition that has been around for many decades and it is traditionally done the night before the actual wedding. On this special night the bride to be is treated to a last night out on the town with her closest girlfriends. It is supposed to be a night full of flirtatious fun and loads of drinking and dancing, as it’s the brides last night as a single woman. The kind of party you are planning is greatly dependent on the personality of the bride to be. For example if the bride to be is shy then you should probably reframe from hiring male dancer at the hens party etc. The party is by tradition planned by the maid of honor and it is completely dependent on her to make the bride enjoy herself completely at the hen’s party.

To start of your bride will need an essential hens night kit.  This is a fun kit your bride to be can use on her last day as a single woman. It is basically a tin that has a unique shooting confetti tubes, I’m the bride badge, Learners plate, handcuffs and morning after eye mask. This will surely make your bride to be blush and she can party all night with the “I’m a bride” badge all night. To make the bride to be look even more decked out and actually look like she is attending her hens party you could get her furry bunny set for brides to be. This set consists of bunny ears headset, a tail, and neck bow tie. This will surely get your bride to be in a fun and festive mood.

It is usually the norm to have a hens party at  disco so that you can party all night with the bride to be. However, this is not really necessary as you can even have a great time at your own home. By using some of our tips and tricks you can create an amazing hens party which can even be better than going out clubbing. To decorate the venue you can first of clear al the furniture from a big spacious room and bring in a great stereo system. Next you will need some good lights so we will recommend you buy the disco party light. This amazing disco light has built-in smart technology that strobes perfectly in time with your music. Once you turned the machine on the disco light will strobe to the beat, flashing four different colors to really wow your bride to be and all her guests. You can hang the disco party light can anywhere easily.

A great item you can use to make your bride to be even happier about her wedding day is digital party text spinner. You could write in the text spinner machine both the bride and grooms name and make it spin all over the room which will make it that extra special for the bride. The digital blue text looks incredible in darker atmospheres, and even works well in brightly lit environments.  

Keeping with the theme of a disco party you could serve martinis to all your invited guests using our flashing martini cocktail glasses. These can be used to serve both your martinis and if you plan on serving appetizers you can even serve tiger prawns in these amazing glasses. They have the ability to flash in seven different colors using its built in LED light. You can even pair these flashing martini glasses with a flashing cocktail pitcher to that it doesn’t seem out of sync.

A fun thing to do at the hen’s party would be to play the exciting roulette drinking game which of course involves no gambling. All you have to do is move the arrow and where ever it lands and drink from the shot glass in the range of numbers. This game includes 12 roulette shot glasses and 1 deluxe roulette game board.

At the end of the day your min aim is to make your bride to be have the night of her life and in order to do that you have to take all her likes and dislikes in to consideration. So when planning the theme of the party always take in to consideration the bride to best taste. You should also pre-order all the supplies before hand so that you are not faced with any last minute problems. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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