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Elegant party decoration ideas

Elegant party decoration ideas
Elegant party decoration ideas
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No matter what kind of a party you’re planning to host be it a wedding reception, engagement party or even a cocktail event you need your decorations to be stylish and unique to make all your guests enjoy the celebration fully. We have an amazing line up of products that will be useful for any type of event you are about to have. If however you are not used to giving parties and have no idea as to what kind of party decorations to use and how you can use them properly you can rest assured that we will be giving you some amazing tips and tricks on how to use some of our top selling products to make your party a roaring success. Lets start of with some lights you can use all over the venue and then we will slowly work our way to the smaller decorations such as centerpieces etc. 

To make the event have some cool lighting effects by making the walls come to life with color you can use our amazing living colour decoration light. This product is surely going to impress all your as it is quickly becoming the latest " Must Have " feature at any party. Most event companies and event planners usually charge thousands of dollars to use such supplies to create the perfect kind of ambience.. However, if you purchase this product you wont need any help for such party planners and will thus save a lot of money. To use this product all you have to do is position these lights around your venue and select the colors you would like to be displayed against the walls and roof. You can select a single color or even have the LED wall wash uplight softly change into various colors. Each light covers approximately 2-3 meters of wall surface depending on how dark the room is and how close the light is positioned against the wall. 

Make your party one to remember with our beautiful decorative party products.

If you have a party such as a wedding reception or any event which will require a backdrop you can use our amazing LED dazzle light. This amazing wall of LED lights is a must-have party centerpiece that will create an incredible elegant waterfall-like effect. This LED dazzle light boasts more than 600 lights that allow you to control several different functions which also include flashing and twinkling. You should bare in mind that you can use this product in the outdoors but the problem is that it is not meant to be used if there is any inclination of rain as that could possibly lead to a great mishap. Therefore, it is best to use this product indoors.

Now we can focus on other forms of decorations such as fairy lights. You can use our multi-colored liladee flower fairy lights in a number of different ways at your event. They can be used around the edges of your banquet tables and even around the edges of railings and walls. Boasting a variety of colors, these lights will add ambiance to any setting.

 Another great product that will look great if you hang them in a scattered manner all over the venue would be our hanging clear glass candleholders.

These elegant hanging glass candleholders make elegant decorations at a wedding, formal event or any special occasion. Each candleholder is made from hand blown glass. Each piece comes with a looped top for easy hanging, as well as a flattened underside for use as a centerpiece on tabletops or other flat surfaces.  You can hang your candleholders at various lengths, filling the entire room, or place brightly colored candles inside of them to offset the clear glass. If you are afraid of using real candles for fear of any accidents happening then you can use our Multicolored LED tea light candles which look just like real candles but are battery powered.

To make your banquet tables look elegant and beautiful you can use crystal strands. This beautiful crystal strands come in a pack of 10 and are designed to hang from things like candelabras, vases, willow and floral arrangements and make a perfect table decoration. These crystal strands are 50cm in length and also come with a hook for each strand.

We hope that all of the tips and advice we have given you proved to be helpful to you and you were able to choose some stylish and elegant products to use at your special occasion. Our last piece of advise would be to pre-order all the decorations you want to use at least 3 – 4 weeks before the actual event so that you can order more if needed.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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