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Party Favor Ideas

Party Favor Ideas
Party Favor Ideas
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So you must know that at the end of every party you have the choice of giving your guests some party favors such as gifts etc. Of course giving your guests party favors as a thank you for attending your event is completely up to you and if you don't have the budget to do so you can clearly avoid it. If however you do have the means to buy some great novelty items as gifts for your guests than you should consider it as it will help your guests remember the event.

To start off your going to need some goodie bags in which you will be giving all the items to your guests. You can use our party bags which come in different neon colors and in packs of 10. The size of these bags is 12cm W x 25cm H x 9cm D which means they will be easily able to store all the tiny gifts you decide to get your guests. They are also quite sturdy and not made out of flimsy materials so they will be able to carry all their gifts home with them easily. .  

If you have a princess party for your little girls birthday party then a great product to add to the goodie bags can be a butterfly headband. These will be a great product all the little girls at the party are sure to love as they are flashy and has butterflies on it with two springs attached to them. This will make the butterflies wiggle with every movement. All of your little girl's friends will have a ball wearing these head bands and jumping up and down in excitement. No little girl will be able to resist the charm of this amazing flashing butterfly headband.

Party Favors are a great idea to give to your guests so they remember the celebration!

Another hit among little girls is the flashing tiara. This tiara is even more beautiful than the before mentioned butterfly headband as it has intricate blue and red gems on it to make it look beautiful. If you look closely these gems form the outline of a big beautiful butterfly on the tiara which every girl will find beautiful. This tiara has little strings coming out of the top of it which flash in a blue beautiful color. We would definitely recommend this tiara to be part of the goodie bags you would prepare for your little girls birthday. 

On the other hand if your hosting your little boys birthday celebration and he and his friends love sci-fi then you can get the blue lightsaber as a favor for all the kids at the event. They will surely love it especially if they are themselves Star Wars fans. They will be able to play with the incredibly life like toy for hours on end and will also be able to play fun games like having a sword fight with their friends. This product is so fun and safe to play with that all the parents at the party will have no objection to it and it might even be a hit with some of the parents if they are also Star Wars fans. 

Finally another novelty which we would like to mention is the Oscar statue man which will be an amazing party favor to give to your guests if your hosting an Oscar themed party. It is around 22cm in size and can be presented to each guests as if they were a big time Hollwood star at the end of the party. Your guests will surely fall in love with the idea and will be reminded of the amazing time they had at your event every time they look at it. 


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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