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how to best use decorative lanterns

how to best use decorative lanterns
how to best use decorative lanterns
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Chinese paper lanterns have been around for quite a while now and have never seemed to go out of style. No matter what decade you're in using this type of decoration can be used to decorate your venue and make it come to life. lanterns look extremely elegant when you hang them all over a venue in a scattered manner. Another great factor about them is that they are extremely affordable so if you have a small budget for your party then you can use the lanterns as your main decor item. To help you choose the perfect type of decoration that will suit your parties overall look and theme we will be discussing some of the products available oin our store and how to use these lanterns efficiently. 

Lets start of with the basic type of decorative lantern we have in store which is the round one. These have never gone out of style and are always used in parties and events all over the world. We have an array of colors for you to choose from which will be helpful as most of you must already have set themes which you would like to color coordinate with. We also have these lanterns in patterns and sceneries on them such as the 14 inch cherry blossom Chinese paper lantern. They are quite affordable and come in packs of 10 they also have a beautiful cherry blossom pattern on the side of the lantern. 

Chinese paper lanterns are one of the most easiest ways to decorate!

Besides these regular run of the mill items you can buy a very unique and fun lantern which is the 24 inch paper start lantern. This big star  can be used on themed parties such as starry night or a fairy tale themed birthday party. There are many themes in which they can be used and we are sure that all of your guests will be amazed with your creativity and use of unique decoration items at the celebration. 

If you want to add some spunk and color to your party then you can purchase some color changing paper lanterns from our online store. These exceptional color-changing lanterns will add flair to your party or special occasion. Every one  holds a battery-operated light inside of it, and fades between a variety of ten beautiful colors when activated. Simply hang the mini light effect inside the lantern, just hang them in your desired location and press the on button for a unique, colorful addition to your setting. They are 30cm around and made from paper. They all come in a regular white color until the lights are activated, and you can even display them without being turned on, as old-fashioned, traditional Chinese paper lanterns for wedding décor and other event decorations. They can add splashes of color to a night-time pool party, reception for your wedding, or birthday celebration and impress all of your guests. 

Other unique decorative products that you might consider using at your next up coming event can be our Chinese floating lanterns. This style of products is one item you can’t go without at your next wedding, ceremony, or special occasion. They have a variety of uses and look simply beautiful in a swimming pool, pond or other body of water. They look equally as gorgeous indoors as banquet table centerpieces, or decorated around a room for subtle mood lighting. These floating lanterns are handmade and can be reused for any future events. These also come in packs of 10. 

You might even want to check out our candle bag lanterns. This is one of our top selling items and also come sin packs of 10.If your looking for a special decoration, then these fabulous flame-retardant paper Candle Lantern Bags are just the thing for your special event. Place these  along your path, driveway or lawn for a subdued lighting effect. Wonderfully romantic for any outdoor wedding, engagement party or just a dinner for two on the patio. Also looks great by the pool or around the house to add ambience. Simply place sand or gravel in the base of them to weight it down then place a long burning tea light candle in the center for an amazing effect.

We hope this article has helped and if you need and more help of suggestions please contact our support team at anytime.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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