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Wedding Theme Ideas

Wedding Theme Ideas
Wedding Theme Ideas
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Weddings are the most special occasions in people's lives and need to be celebrated accordingly. Weddings, therefore, need to be decorated in the best possible way to make this special occasion feel even more special. When planning how to organize and celebrate a wedding, it is often a very good idea to set a theme for the wedding. A theme allows the organizer to decorate the wedding in a particular way making it easier to decorate the wedding since a theme gives a direction to the decoration. It is worth saying here that a wedding theme may also add more excitement to the wedding (if that is possible) and makes the wedding even more fun for the guests and the husband and wife to be. There are quite a few themes that you can set for a wedding, here are a couple of examples of them and what you can do to make them a success.

Fairytale theme

Weddings are especially special for the bride, not only because it is her marriage but because every bride dreams of a fairytale-like marriage and the arrival of her prince charming ever since she was a little girl. A great theme for the wedding, therefore, is a fairytale theme to make all the dreams of the bride come true. Of course the bridegroom is going to love the theme as well along with the rest of the guests, after all who does not love fairytales. In order to make the fairytale themed wedding a success, you need to plan out the decorations that you are going to use to give the wedding a look straight out of one of the classic fairytales.
There are plenty of decorations that are perfect for this wedding, but let us start with the most important part; the lights. Lights are essential for giving the wedding a fairytale-like feel. Luckily, there are is a rather huge variety of gorgeous lights available at that you can use to make the wedding one worth remembering.
The Star String Lights are perfect for decorating a fairytale themed wedding. The main colour scheme of a fairytale themed wedding has to be white and these particular string lights are perfect for such a colour scheme as they are white themselves and go in accordance with the fairytale themed wedding. You can use as much of these string lights as you can to add the necessary glow to the wedding area unless the wedding is an outdoor one and starts while there is daylight. In such a case, wait for the daylight to weaken and then turn the Star String Lights on; you can still use them to decorate the wedding while there is daylight since these string lights are beautiful to behold even without the glow.
Another decoration item that is ideal for a fairytale themed wedding is the White Frangipani Styled Fairy Lights. These lights are just as beautiful as the Star String Lights and can be used in a way similar to that of the Star String Lights.
Apart from the lights, use figures of fairytale castles and have an altar that is in accordance with the theme in order to complete the look of the theme. Also, use a beautiful horse drawn buggy to bring the bride to the wedding venue to add a touch of fantasy to the wedding.

Chinese Theme

For obvious reasons, the wedding you are planning cannot follow all the customs and rituals of a traditional Chinese wedding, however, there are plenty of beautiful aspects or more specifically decorations that you can use in a Chinese themed wedding.
First of all, the obvious choice of decorations as far as Chinese themed weddings are concerned, are Chinese Paper lanterns. There is a rather wonderful section dedicated to nothing but Chinese paper lanterns on through which you can obtain any kind and colour of paper lantern you like.
It is best, however, if you look into the meanings of colours in Chinese tradition before opting for the Chinese paper lanterns. Green for example, refers to health, prosperity and harmony; three things that are most desired for the bride and bridegroom. Therefore you can choose Green Paper Lanterns among other paper lanterns to decorate the wedding. You can also choose Red Paper Lanterns as red symbolizes joy and good fortune in Chinese tradition, hence red is often prevalent in Chinese celebrations.
It is also a good idea to dress the waiters at the wedding in a Chinese fashion to give a chinese feel to the wedding and to use Chinese art and symbols to decorate the wedding. You can give the whole wedding a red general colour scheme as red is often prevalent in Chinese weddings. Also incorporate other typical Chinese decorations such as the Chinese dragon etc. Look into what other Chinese decorations you can use and enjoy the wedding!      

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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