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Chinese Lanterns for Sale

Chinese Lanterns for Sale
Chinese Lanterns for Sale
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We have many lanterns listed in our online store to buy and add many new designs each week so be sure to check back often or contact our customer support team if there is something that we can help you with.

Chinese paper lanterns are quite effective decorations that can be used in quite a few ways to make an event or any other occasion look awesome. The most obvious way of using  paper lanterns as decorations is to hang them around the event area. You can hang them according to the shape of the party area and what you think looks best. If, for example, the party area is circular, then you can arrange paper lanterns around the area in a circle. For a straight room or area, the most obvious way to use them is to set them up in a linear fashion. However, there are other ways to decorate a place the them as well; for instance, you can hang them on a single wire directly above an area. Since the lanterns we have available can be fitted with a candle or a small light, hanging them around or over the celebration area will definitely create a beautiful effect.

As mentioned above, there are quite a few different options when it comes to this style of decoration. Chinese Floating Lanterns are a perfect example of a unique item you can use. This product is great for decorating an outdoor wedding next to a pool, pond or any other body of water. This product looks absolutely mesmerizing as they float around the water glowing beautifully with their reflection showing rather brightly against the surface of the water.

You can use them for any other occasion as well; they will look great at an outdoor dinner or any other such function. You can also use the Lanterns away from water and indoors at an event as a beautiful table centerpieces or on the floor around the party area to add a beautiful glow the room. This high quality product is handmade and each order includes 10 units. Since the Chinese Floating Lanterns do not cost a lot, you can order as many of them as you like without getting off your budget. In fact the more you use the better the special effect it gives.

Another unique product is our Colour Changing Paper Lanterns. They are quite different from others available as they are change colour while hanging. There is a small battery operated light inside each one of them that fades in and out of 10 different colours. The transition from one colour to another is a remarkable effect and can certainly add a special flair to your special occasion. You can hang them above an outdoor area to give the night a colourful and exciting ambience that will certainly impress your guests. All you have to do is to hang them up and turn them on in order for them to begin their amazing effect. When not turned on, these paper lanterns look like traditional white lanterns that can be used normally for decorating parties as well. Once again the more you use the better the effect.

These were just two of the many unique ideas on sale in our online store, there are quite a few other great options available as well. In case you are looking for conventional paper lanterns that are good to look at and can add a beautiful array of colour to a party, you will not be disappointed by the range of unicoloured Chinese paper lanterns we have on sale and also remember new styles are added each week.

Be sure to contact us if we can help you with any questions...   

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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