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Poolside Party Enhancements and Ideas

Poolside Party Enhancements and Ideas
Poolside Party Enhancements and Ideas
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There is hardly a better spot for a party than next to a pool. Poolside parties tend to be really elegant and you can have a large variety of parties next to a pool. Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, a bachelor or bachelorette party, professional event, an elegant lunch or dinner, the list of the kinds of events that you can have on the side of a pool is endless. 

Here are some great supplies for this style of event.

Triple Tier Water Fountain

There is nothing wrong with having a plain pool, but if you want to add a sense of occasion to your party then there is nothing better than the Triple Tier Water Fountain. The Triple Tier Water Fountain can help transform the pool next to your party into a full-on water feature. This fountain will provide enchanting water patterns up to 5 metres in height and is suitable for underground and above ground pools. Thus the Triple Tier Water Fountain will definitely be a head turner at your poolside party. This product has all the necessary fittings that allow easy installation so you do not even have to hire a professional to install this fountain; you can do it all by yourself.

Chinese Floating Lanterns

The Chinese Floating Lanterns, if anything, are even more elegant than the Triple Tier Water Fountain. These lanterns are perfect for a poolside party, especially one that is being held in the evening. The Chinese Floating Lanterns have room inside them for a candle (the material they are made out of is, of course, flame retardant and there is no fire-related danger associated with them) and thus they create a beautiful glow in and around the pool after sun set. Imagine these beautiful, brightly glowing lanterns floating around the pool with their reflection shown brightly against the surface of the pool and your guests enjoying the party next to this beautiful sight, and you will realize just how good these decorations really are. One can even say that the Chinese Floating Lanterns are capable of creating a really romantic atmosphere at your poolside party. Remember that each order of the Chinese Floating Lanterns includes 10 lanterns, so it is best to order according to the size of the pool and your own personal opinion regarding what will look nice.

Summertime is a great time to hold a pool party!!

Light Up LED Beach Ball

Moving on to something that is just as elegant as the Chinese Floating Lanterns yet is more subtle in nature, the Light Up LED Beach Ball is another decoration item that you can use to decorate the pool next to your poolside party. The special thing about the LED Beach Ball is that it includes a 51cm a multi-coloured LED light which can be placed inside the beach ball and set to flash on various colour modes. Thus, instead of just glowing brightly in a single colour, the Light Up LED Beach Ball will turn from one glowing colour to the next, an effect that will look truly amazing against the surface of the water of the pool. The lightstick comes with a waterproof sealing bag so the beach ball is 100% water proof so this ball cannot be damaged by the water of the pool. The Light Up LED Beach Ball can also be set on individual colours or on a flashing mode. The multi colour beach balls look amazing scattered around any area or floating on water so it is best to order an adequate amount.

Disco Pool Light (Large)

The Disco Pool Light is definitely a decoration product that is different than the other products mentioned. This product, as the name suggests, creates a disco lighting effect in your pool. If you are trying to go for a more dynamic environment rather than a slow and elegant one, then the Disco Pool Light is the perfect decoration for you to use. This decorative product has five different speed settings so you can adjust the speed of the disco lighting on the pool next to your party according to what you think looks best. If you plan on ordering the Disco Pool Light then remember that this product works best if your poolside party is not very well lit and has an overall lighting that is towards the weak side.   

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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