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Amazing Yet Subtle Party Decorations

Amazing Yet Subtle Party Decorations
Amazing Yet Subtle Party Decorations
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When decorating a party sometimes we like the decorations to be subtle but also to give impact... Here are some ideas..

The String Lights Fairy Lights we feature in our party store, in particular, have quite a few different items that are perfect examples of amazing yet subtle party decorations. This category has several string lights and fairy lights that have a beautiful yet subtle glow and their shapes are such that they seem natural and a part of the party area. 

The Mixed Colour Hibiscus String Light, for example, is very attractive with each order including 3 meters of string and 20 beautiful hibiscus flowers attached. These flowers have a magical glow and having a really natural flower shape. These flowers look as if they are naturally growing inside the party area rather than being placed there. You can order an adequate length of this particular string light and attach it around the party area especially along the walls and even the tables; you can be sure that these multi-coloured glowing flowers look amazing without standing out too much.

The Pink Cotton Ball String Light, like the Mixed Colour Hibiscus String Light, is quite a subtle decoration item that can be placed inside a party venue for an extra glow. These lights have a beautiful hue of pink which makes their light all the more attractive. You can use these string lights in a way similar to the one that is used for the Mixed Colour Hibiscus String Lights.

Another great idea are Chinese Paper Lanterns. Although they might catch the attention of the guests at the party (which is not a bad thing at all) but their beautiful simplicity and their elegance make them anything but ‘loud’. These decorations have a peaceful aura. There are many great paper lanterns available in this category. You can choose lanterns according to their colour in case you want it to match with the overall colour scheme of the event area or according to your personal preferences, or you can choose according to the type of the lanterns that you find appealing.

Decorate with style with our gorgeous decorative products...

The Beautiful Candle Bag Lanterns, for example, are as elegant decorations as they come.. You can place these lanterns on the tables in your party venue for an extra glow or around a swimming pool or lake, in case there is one next to the party area, to create a beautiful scene for the guests to enjoy or you can simply place them randomly around like you would place artistic vases for decorations, only these art pieces have a beautiful glow as well.

Regarding Chinese Paper Lanterns, there are several other paper lanterns that are equally subtle in nature yet are just as effective in decorating a party area. The White 10 Inch Square Paper Lanterns definitely qualify as amazing yet subtle party decorations.  These beautiful 10-inch paper lanterns are hand crafted and have been made with the finest quality of rice paper and bamboo ribbing. You can place a candle inside these white paper lanterns or you can simply place an LED light inside them in case you do not prefer candles. It is worth mentioning here that the Single Light for Paper Lanterns available in our store are perfect for placing inside the White 10 inch Square Paper Lantern as it runs for more than 20 hours and has replaceable batteries for continued use. You can use these white paper lanterns as hanging decorations and their white colour will add a touch of elegance to your celebration.  Remember that these lanterns will look exceptionally good against colour schemes such as black, red, blue and so on. You can use them to add a bit of contrast to the overall colour scheme of your event.

There are a lot of other great amazing products in our store,not only in the above-mentioned categories but also in a lot of other categories.  Remember that the point of subtle products is not to make them unnoticeable but to make them blend into the party venue so that they combine to form a stunning venue rather than stand out alone as individual decorations.  Of course you must keep in mind that in order to create one ‘package’ out of several decorations you must use them in a particular way so that they compliment each other rather than simply placing them apart and in a random manner.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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