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Fancy Dress Parties

Fancy Dress Parties
Fancy Dress Parties
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Fancy dress parties, also known as costume parties, are a really fun way to gather your friends and family and let everybody show their creativity. There are several ideas that you can incorporate in case you plan on having a fancy dress party. Here are some really nice ideas:

You can set a theme for your fancy dress party in which case all the guests will have to dress up according to a particular theme. There are literally an infinite amount choices for you to choose from as far as fancy dress parties are concerned. You can set the theme according to what is currently ‘hip’ and popular, what your personal preferences are or a particular event. However, it is best if you do not opt for a theme with which some of your guests cannot relate. For example, do not choose a theme with which the women, or men for that matter, cannot relate to. Choose a theme with which all of your guests can have fun with.

Since all the guests are going to be wearing anything but ordinary party wear to your fancy dress party, you need to have special party decorations to match your guest’s costumes; ordinary party decorations just won’t do. Here are a few decorations that are ideal for a fancy dress party:

30 piece fibre optic path lights

This is the perfect decoration for your fancy dress party. With the help of this string light you can indirectly emphasis the fact that everybody is wearing something creative and different to your party. The beautiful array of colours and the light can help sprinkle some uniqueness on your party.

Chandelier Sparkle Roof Light

The Chandelier Sparkle Light is similar to the Multi-Coloured String Light mentioned above in terms of effect yet both these decorations contrast nicely as well. The Chandelier Sparkle Light has an elegant white light that softly sparkles and will provide a touch of elegance as opposed to the flamboyance of the Multi-Coloured String Light.

LED curtain lights

Since a fancy dress party is a creative event, you need to have a creative set of decorations. These led curtain lights are certainly the most creative and imaginative decoration you will ever come across. Simply activate them and watch your room sparkle.

A fancy dress party needs some personal touches to look complete. You need to have things that are related to your fancy dress party to support your decorations. For example if your fancy dress party has a comic book theme you can attach posters of heroes and villains to the walls, have a spot light with a cardboard bat in the middle glow against the ceiling as the Bat signal etc. Things like these will complete your fancy dress party.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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