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Ideas for your Eighties Party

Ideas for your Eighties Party
Ideas for your Eighties Party
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The eighties were the golden era of popular culture. Music legends such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Guns and Roses, Metallica and other such numerous music entities gained iconic status. Moreover, punk rock and techno emerged and immediately took over the masses. The movies industry boomed as well and during the eighties several iconic movies were released helping several actors gain worldwide recognition as well. The eighties, therefore, is the perfect decade to base a party on. Here are some eighties party decoration ideas that can help you design the perfect eighties party:

Music had a huge role to play in the eighties, after all MTV came into existence in that very decade. One of the best eighties party decoration idea is to feature the amazing music that was brewed during the eighties. You can use the rather groovy Disco Party Light to compliment the music. This particular party light has four different colours and it has the ability to glow in rhythm with the music. Thus you can certainly get your guests moving to the music with the help of the Disco Party Light.

Sticking to the eighties popular culture, you can also employ the Go Anywhere Lightshow to emphasis upon the eighties theme. This particular eighties decoration item will help you replicate the iconic dance scenes found ever so often in the movies made in the eighties.

One excellent eighties party decoration idea that does not exactly use actual decorations but really helps create that eighties feel in a party is to have all the guests wear something from the eighties. Whether the guests choose to wear typical eighties clothes or go with a flamboyant eighties hairstyle or both, having everybody dress up like it’s the eighties really will bring the eighties to your party.

Another great eighties party decoration idea is to have posters of your favourite eighties stars attached to the party area walls. You can emphasis by pointing small spot lights at the posters. Rest be assured a huge amount of movie and music icons emerged in the eighties like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Nirvana and so on. You can easily find posters of movies such as Rocky, Terminator and so on to paste on your walls for the party.

Lastly, another good eighties party decoration idea is to use lighting to decorate your party to make it look like it’s the eighties. Lights such as the 40 bulb Multi-Coloured String Light have a very eighties-like vibe. Their colour and funkiness will certainly make your party look like the groove is back!

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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