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Light Cube Table

Light Cube Table
Light Cube Table
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Light Cube Tables are very powerful decoration items and can change your party’s look completely. Also known as LED Cube Chairs, since a lot of people use them as chairs at their parties rather than as tables, these glowing cubes are quite useful in several kinds of parties. Here are some ideas on how to use the Light Cube Table effectively:

If you need to make your party interesting and exciting then you need to have a theme to base your party on. Giving your party a theme helps you decorate your party in a certain way and give your party a particular feel that can be very exciting for the guests. As an example, you can set a nightclub theme for your party. The Light Cube Tables will really come into their element in such a party. Keep the lights off in the party area to make it look like a nightclub. Use lights such as the Disco Party Light and the Go Anywhere Show Light to give the party area that dim and disco-like lighting. Place the Light Cube Tables at a particular spot in your party. You can place them around the area where the guests will be sitting when they are not dancing etc. You can complete the look of your ‘nightclub’ by placing the LED Party Table in that area as well; place the food and the drinks on the LED Party Table which will look perfect next to the smaller Light Cube Tables.

The great thing about the Light Cube Tables or the LED Cube Chairs is that you can use them to decorate your house as well. Simply place them in your lounge or/and in your bedroom to give them a really cool look. In case you own a bar, a restaurant or any other such business where you can expect your customers to come and sit down, usually for food and drinks, you can put the LED Cube Chairs around for creating an interesting environment within your business place.

Party Supplies Now manufacturer these fascinating Light Cube Tables. The Light Cube Chair has a high powered RGB LED installed and lights up and changes colours for up to 24 hours. You can also set the table to stay on a colour of your choice. These LED tables also come with a power pack and an installed rechargeable battery that once fully charged will last from 12-24 hours until its next charge.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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