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Wine and Cheese Party Planning ideas

Wine and Cheese Party Planning ideas
Wine and Cheese Party Planning ideas
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Wine and Cheese Party Planning Ideas


For many, parties are the highlight of their week, but the same old thing can get old quickly and bore guests that can result in reduced participation.  To pull out all the stops and thrill guests, an idea that has been growing in popularity is a wine and cheese tasting party.  By following the steps below you are sure to become a big hit with friends and family will want to see your new ideas again and again.


·        Step 1

Whether you are having a large or casual wine and cheese party, people have to be invited to attend.  If a casual party that is sometimes planned on the spur of the moment, an email or verbal communication will suffice.  A more formal party may involve paper invitations which, today, are readily available and boasts the theme for the event right on the cover page; however, these need to sent early, at least two weeks prior to the event, in order to allow guests time to plan.


·        Step 2

Choosing a wide variety of cheese options provides an entertainment factor rarely seen at parties today as guests attempt to identify what part of the world the eatables came from.  This can be accomplished by a visit to a shop that specializes in cheeses where tastings can be provided along with countries of origin.  The actual purchase is the easiest part. By pairing them with a variety of wines, the perfect combination is created.


·        Step 3

Wine is what brings out the essence of cheese.  Having the right vintage for each selection will make all the difference in the world as to the blending power of the combination.  By consulting with the proprietor of a wine shop you will be able to make the right selections and, in many shops and vineyards, will be able to taste test before purchasing.


·        Step 4

Satisfying all wine preferences of a variety of guests is sometimes difficult.  One option is to provide a few specially selected choices then asking guests to bring a favorite they have as well.  This often provides varieties not originally considered as well as ensures information is shared that stimulates discussions in a novel way, which is rarely found in the party scene today.


·        Step 5

Cheeses should be colourfully arranged on cutting boards or trays, accompanied by knives.  The boards or trays can then be colourfully decorated with grapes and various crackers.  It is important that the cheese be allowed to mellow at room temperature prior to serving, and that various kinds be separated so as to not lose their unique flavour by being exposed to other, more pungent varieties.  Having the selected vintages of red and white wine, ready pour, then makes it very convenient for the guests.  Remember, red wine is served at room temperature and white wine is served chilled.


·        Step 6

Having the cheese located in different tasting areas about the room will prevent any overcrowding of tasting areas and will encourage guests to circulate.  Since the cheese will make the guests thirsty, the wine should also be appropriately spaced throughout the room.  The cheese trays and wind should be kept filled so everyone can enjoy a great cheese and wine party.


The concept of a cheese and wine party is fun, interactive, and informative.  Guests frequently walk away with a new appreciation for the varieties available and look forward to your next planned activity.  With the right planning, this is a great way to establish yourself as the best party planner in town.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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