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How to choose your wedding reception venue

How to choose your wedding reception venue
How to choose your wedding reception venue
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When planning a wedding there are many things to think of such as party supplies,the menu for the guests and many more but one of the very important things is choosing your venue...


There are so many venue options out there for your wedding. There are a number of restaurants which you can reserve and book for the whole day or night of your wedding. There are hundreds of catering services which you can hire to cook, prepare or serve your planned menu. Yes, there are indeed many options to choose from and getting the best choice for your wedding reception venue requires careful consideration and assessment. 
Below are some guidelines when hunting for the most appropriate reception venue for your wedding:
1. Think of your theme. Your reception venue should match your wedding theme. 
Are you planning to have a beach wedding? Then you can reserve or book in a private resort for your reception. Or you can hire a catering service who can set up tables and chairs at a beachside.
Or maybe you are thinking of a country wedding? Then you can set up tables and chairs adorned by checkered table tops/covers in a clean barn yard. Another exciting option is to book and reserve a small pub or tavern in your area or a club house so your guests can feasts on steaks, chips, sausages, beers etc. 
2. Count your expected guests. How many guests do you plan of inviting? The number of guests that you plan to have will affect the type or size of venue that you should hire or reserve. 
3. Check your budget. How much are you willing to spend to pay for the venue? There are wedding reception venues that you will just hire and pay for the venue itself and you bring along with you your own or contracted catering services. So what you are paying for the venue is just the facilities (the hall or room, the tables and chairs and the energy/electricity that you will be using for that day).  
On the other hand, there are reception venues with which you will be paying for the entire package such as the venue itself, the food and the people who will be servicing for that day. Best example of this are the restaurants wherein you will just choose from their menu options what kind of dishes you want them to serve to you and your guests.
4. Consider the location. Where will you be coming from? Where will the wedding ceremony be held? From where will your guests be coming from? These are some questions to ponder if location is a foremost factor for your wedding reception venue. 
If you are so tight of having your reception at an area which maybe hundreds of kilometres away, or maybe from a location which is on a separate island,  or if it will require a special mode of transport (such a boat or an airplane), then you will have to think of ways how your guests can attend the reception. You can hire a bus, an airplane or a boat and instruct your guests to be at a certain meeting point at an exactly what time so they can be transported to your desired reception venue.  
5. Realize your dreams. This is in connection with factor #4. It is to be expected that soon-to-be bride or groom have already envisioned how their receptions should be or where the wedding party should materialise. So make it happen. This is a once in a lifetime event and the wedding reception/party is where you can drop off all anxieties towards the event. This is the time to party and celebrate and thus this should be held at a place where you and your partner definitely want it to be. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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