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How to organize a baby shower

How to organize a baby shower
How to organize a baby shower
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Wondering what do  at your upcoming baby shower? Here are a few ideas to consider......

A baby shower is done for expecting mums who are on their eighth or ninth month of pregnancy. Closest friends of the expectant mom and/or her sister are the usual organizers or hosts of the said baby shower.

Here are some suggestions for a baby shower:

1.      Consider involving the husbands or the dad-to-be

Most baby showers are intended for the mom-to-bes as they are the one carrying the baby for 9 months. However, it would be great as well if the daddy-to-bes are also involved in the whole baby shower thing.

For instance, if it is going to be a surprise baby shower, then the husbands might be the one to distract the wife, bring her to date or coordinate with the organizers as to the exact place and time that the mommy-to-be-should come into the picture.

2.       If the gender of the baby is already known, never forget to inform the guests.

If the soon-to-be parents have no qualms of announcing the gender of their baby, then the expected guests of the baby shower should be made aware of it. Make sure that they know the gender of the baby so that their presents can be appropriate for the gender.

3.       Baby showers is not just about the presents

Though our usual notion about baby showers is to ‘shower’ the baby and mother with presents that will help the mum and dad to start up, it is also a good time to educate the mom and dad to be, of the basic do’s and don’ts of having a baby, especially for the first time parents.

Thus, those who are already parents, they can share insights or experiences about parenthood. They can share tips about the proper way of breast feeding, about the kind of milk formula they are using, information of baby’s sleeping patterns and the likes even as basic as changing nappies. 

4.      Baby Shower games add fun.

To make the baby shower less formal and more fun, games (with prizes) can be used. Of course, the theme of the game should coincide with the theme of the event which is about parenting.

Some example of games for baby showers are guessing or making baby’s name, fastest male to drink juice from a baby bottle or changing nappies for the dads

Its also a good idea to use baby shower decorations to decorate the home or venue to make the atmosphere more festive.

5.      - Consider the menu....

There are no-no foods for pregnant women. In as much as you want to help your pregnant friend satisfy her cravings for food, it would be greater help if the dishes you will serve during the baby shower will not give any side effect on the expectant mum. Some foods that must not be eaten by pregnant women are soft cheeses, unpasteurized milk, caffeine (from coffee or carbonated drinks), deli meats, raw or uncooked meats, unwashed fruits and vegetables, alcohol and herbal teas or remedies.

It is worth considering that expectant moms have very erratic moods because of the hormonal changes going through her body. It is one of the goals of a baby shower to keep the mood light or fun for the mom-to-be. The presents from the guests, who by the way are the closest of close friends and colleagues and relatives, are given with the hope that they will be of good use for the baby and/or by the mum and dad to be.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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