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Glow in the dark party supplies

Glow in the dark party supplies
Glow in the dark party supplies
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 Looking for a clean fun party for your closest friends? Why not do a slumber party? Or start a movie marathon night. And while you’re at it, you might want to redecorate your room for added fun and adventure. 

 You can try having your room repainted, and the coolest option for paints these days are glow in the dark paints. There are a number of colours you can choose from when you have decided to use glow in the dark paints. You may even have a combination of colours if you can’t decide with having just one colour. 
The fun thing about glow in the dark paint party supplies is that they are water-based, dry up easily and can be used both as an interior or and exterior paints to wood, metal or wallboard walls. Your level of creativity will serve as your only limit when it comes to designing your room with glow in the dark paints. Some of the most common designs are:

Stars, planets and meteors:
Girls and boys love looking at the stars, naming the planets and pointing at meteors and meteorites. Imagine how fun and exciting it would be if your own room will be painted with stars, planets and meteors and that these will all glow when actual lights are turned off?
Aliens, spaceships and space junks 
This design is well loved by boys. They find it thrilling if they will sleep at night thinking that there are little aliens and spaceships glowing over them.
Glow Products are a great way to light up any event!
Stage effects:
For girls, it is always electrifying to dress up and feel and act like a celebrity from time to time. Dressing up in a room with stage lighting effects through the use of glow in the dark paints will surely elicit a lot of laughter from pretty girls like you. 
Under the sea
 Some underwater scenes, such as fishes, a mermaid, under water plants – these theme is also one of the favourites when it comes to using glow in the dark paints. Teens and kids love seeing the beauty of the underwater world especially in the dark room.
Magical effects can also be used as the theme for painting the room using glow in the dark paints. You can include drawings of a magician’s hat, a wand, some spark of lights using the glow in the dark paints. This will then enhance that beauty of your room during night time, more particularly if the lights are turned off.
Sydney harbour bridge, London bridge or Eiffel tower
You can choose to paint a picture of either the Sydney harbour bridge, the London bridge or the Eiffel tower. Using the glow in the dark paints as to pain the lights will really give astounding effect that you will surely love.
You see, there are many ideas which you can use to make your room more exciting thereby will thrill your friends and they will all get excited to sleep over your own home. You and your friends can get take photos of yourselves using such scenes as background and believe you me, all your other friends will envy you for having such cool paints. It therefore gives you a chance to have a clean and fun party and enjoy the presence of your friends, under the comfort of your own home.  

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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