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Candy Jars - The new trend

Candy Jars - The new trend
Candy Jars - The new trend
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Candy jars are a very popular event accessory and can be used in many different ways..

Here are some unique ideas for your event:

Candy jars for the sweet tooth corner:
Use the jars as containers for M&Ms, marshmallows, Maltesers, jellybeans, and other sweets and/or lollies. The guests will then have a choice as to which jar they would open or which lollies they would grab a bite of.
Small jars for favours:
Small candy jars can be used to hold party favours. With a simple ribbon around its lid along with some lollies or cookies or it may also have something that is not edible such as candle or small figurines, that will make up for a unique and lovely party favour.
Container of sweet notes:
Sweet messages to and/or from the party host can be contained in small candy jars. The idea is that every guest will write on post-its or small pieces of stationeries and fold or roll them before putting them inside the candy jars.  
Candy jars for wild flowers:
If you have empty or used candy jars, you can make use of them as instant flower vases. Just put some water in it and then put 3-5 pieces of small flowers which such as daisies, Mexican sunflowers, or even roses. 
As Candle Containers:
Candy jars can also be used as containers of small and colourful candles. The arrangement may be for a typical floating candle, with which the jar full be half-full of water, then on it will be a piece of floating candle. Or the jar can contain small lollies (such as jellybeans) and right in the middle of such lollies stands a candle. 
So there you have it, you can make a lot of uses for a simple looking candy jar that you have at home. By doing this, you are adding colours to your party, literally and figuratively

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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