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tealight candle holders

tealight candle holders
tealight candle holders
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For various events, tealight candle holders can be used in many different ways.

As centrepieces.

Tealight candleholders can be put at the centre of the table, along with a number of candles, flowers or plants. In many weddings and other formal events, the use of tealight candle holders as centrepiece has become a common scene.
As giveaways or favours.
Tealight candle holders can also serve as favours for weddings and birthday parties. It can be designed with different colours, laces, flowers and mini stuff toys to look nicer. For packaging, it can be put inside a cute coloured box, a pouch or simply tie a ribbon around it and it is already a nice looking party favour.
As lighting effect.
There are  holders that are translucent and with varied colours. Such can be used as a highlight effect that will enhance the desired mood for the party. It can also add aesthetic value for photos and videos.
As props for photo booths
Photo booths are now a common scene for birthday parties and weddings. Many different items are organized on the photo booth corner and tealight candle holders can be one of them. It may be set up in such as away that it will serve as background (or as part of the set design) or it may be held by any of the people who wants his/her photo taken.
As an important item for the ceremony
In some cases, the role of tealight candle holders can be very important, and best examples are for weddings, or baptism/christening events. Candles for this event symbolize light and unity, for the couple and their family or for the child being christened or baptized.
There really is no limit on what you can use tealight candle holders for....Your imagination is really the only limitation.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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