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How to make flameless hanging glass lanterns

How to make flameless hanging glass lanterns
How to make flameless hanging glass lanterns
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If you are wanting a great looking and easy to make Halloween decoration then try making one of these awesome
flamless lanterns.

What you will need : 

A glass Jar ( any style you prefer )
Battery operated tea lights - View our multi-colour tea lights - View white tea lights
White paint and chalkboard paint
blue tape

How to make flameless hanging glass lanterns:

1) Paint the lid of your Jar with the white paint
2) Once dry puncture a hole in the centre of the lid with your screwdriver then feed your
string into the hole and then tie a knot on the inside bottom of the lid.
3) Paint the bottom of the jar ( about %15 - %20 high ) with your chalkboard paint
4) Pour in your sand to just below the paint line
5) Place your white tea light or multi-colour tea light in the jar and turn on.
6) Tie your lid to a branch of a tree or where you want to hang it and then screw the lid onto the jar.

This flameless lantern looks amazing at night and is a cheap decoration that can be used at many events.

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Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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