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Popular party products to hire

Popular party products to hire
Popular party products to hire
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We are often contacted by various party hire and event planning businesses in Australia and internationally with interest in various products that we sell. One of the common questions we often get asked is what are good products we can purchase from you that we can hire out to our customers.

So to answer this question best I have listed below some of the most popular products which do well with hire companies.

1) LED Furniture

Currently we stock inflatable light up cube chairs and LED flashing tables. Both of these items are very popular at events and create a great ambience in any room.

2) Uplighting

Uplighting with LED wall wash lights are a very popular addition to special events and can easily transform any venues with a few of the lights positioned around the room.

3) Special effect party lighting.

We stock a unique range of special effect party lights which are a great hire item to parties. Lights such as our LED crystal ball , and also our Ocean projector pod  are very popular .More lighting can be found in the party lights category.

4) Cocktail fountains

Our cocktail fountains are also a popular hire item with party hire businesses who usually hire about 5 of them each time and position them around the room.

6) Ice fire lantern,Ice wine coolers

Our ice wine coolers look great placed around a room and you can also place LED tea light candels in them to make them like like an ice fire lantern.

These are just a few of the best items to hire but there are many more listed in our table decorations category and our party lights category and our wedding decorations category.

If you have any questions about any of our products please contact our customer support  at any time.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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