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Personalizing Your Party ( Pool Parties)

Personalizing Your Party  ( Pool Parties)
Personalizing Your Party ( Pool Parties)
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Personalizing Your Party  (Pool parties)


No one wants to go to a boring party, let alone be the host of one. And this applies to almost any occasion, be it a bridal or baby shower, birthday or just a friendly get together you want to give your guests a memorable experience. Giving it that unique, personal touch can mean the difference between a party that no one remembers, and one they never forget.


And were not talking about simple touches like some flowers, or simple props. Let's take the baby shower example for a moment, just to get you in that creative frame of mind. Look around, blue if its a boy pink if it's a girl, pretty dull so far huh? Let's throw a pile of easy to make jumbo alphabet blocks into the room. Now you've got something that grabs your guests attention, and once you have it it's easier to maintain.


Now, your probably not planning a baby shower so by now your rolling your eyes and ready to move on to something more interesting. Bear with me though, since I am about to show you how to use that same concept for other party ideas.


How about a pool party? Pretty simple. Pool, some music, food drinks and your done right? Sure, but it will be forgotten the next day (or longer, depends on the hangover) Now if you were to take some 9mm rope lights and border the pool with them (be mindful of electrical hazards) your already on the way to making something more visually interesting. But that’s just one piece, turn your pool into a light show no one will forget with a disco pool light. Water is boring by itself, but its amazing what a little light will do to increase that “wow” factor that all party’s need.


I know, what that's it? Lighting up my pool? Hardly, If your party is during the day time, the lighting wont be nearly as effective. So to turn that boring water into something interesting, you will need something like a water fountain and just for extra novelty, a floating pool table is bound to draw at least a little curiosity. Throw in some extra touches like LED beach balls and for a fun feel the essential party kit.


Pool party's are an easy to do summertime event that everyone can appreciate, after all who doesn’t want to hang out in the pool when its hot out and just relax? If its a small group, you might even want to consider some pool chairs and a floating pool bar or two. Now neither you or your guests need to repeatedly leave the water! Letting everyone relax and enjoy themselves, including the host.


And if your not planning a pool party, head on over to part two of this article where we will look at how to turn that typical birthday party into something amazing and unforgettable. Without breaking the bank at the same time.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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