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5 lights you didnt know your home needed

5 lights you didnt know your home needed
5 lights you didnt know your home needed
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5 Lights You Didn’t Know Your Home Needed (These will get your neighbours talking!)

Adding lights to your home isn't generally a necessity...Except when it comes to some of these amazing lights we have listed below for you. Depending on the architecture of your house and the varying needs of different rooms, you will probably want to add multiple lighting options. With new advanced technologies that have become available in 2019, you now have the option of adding very unique lighting to your home that before was just not possible.

These lights are a wonderful addition to your backyard or front-yard and some can even be used indoors.
This new lighting creates a great ambience for when you want to gather family and friends together and are exclusive to Party Supplies Now.
Here are 5 incredible and EASY to set up lights you need in your home.

1 - Amazing Falling Rain Lights - New model for 2019

If you have a home that has trees, you can hang these falling rain lights from the branches.If you have a fence or a patio or a balcony these also look great in those areas.Just as the name suggests, they feature the special effect of rain falling downwards which is very tranquil at night.
The lights are not only waterproof for convenient use in rainy weather but are safe and very low energy-consuming as well. A night-time function, event or family get together will come to life with these amazing lights.

2 -Diamond Star Crystal Laser Light - Staff PickThese lights can be pointed to any given space.The special effect is in the form of diamond star-like points that create a mesmerizing view on the reflected surfaces. With 6 reflective colors, these lights can be shined upon pools, patios, and other outdoor spaces. They can be used indoors too. 

3- Garden Landscape Waterproof Laser Light - The brightest laser landscape in the world! ( Must SEE )
These laser lights can be added directly to the plants and trees inside or out and also looks amazing on walls, ceilings and buildings. The light is distributed as multicoloured star-like points across the surrounding area. The lights when reflecting on different surfaces; including pools and stone floors create a dreamy atmosphere.

4- Solar Tree Dazzle Light Blue Green - Absolutely Stunning
These dazzle lights are perfect for hanging around trees, fences, patios, and even roofs. They are solar-powered and create a great ambience for night-time events. Light up your outdoor gatherings with blue, green dazzling lights.

5 - Solar Powered 7 Color Flood Light - An essential item for any home
As the name suggests, these lights come in the form of panels that throw light across the area. They can be set to display 7 different colours, the panels can be instantly installed near trees and other surfaces in a garden or any outdoor area. They light up the landscape to make it look any way you like. The Panels are solar-powered and waterproof. Recreational lights can totally make your outdoor gatherings unforgettable experiences. All of the lights are easy to install and instantly create an environment perfect for partying or relaxing with your friends and family. All products are made from high-quality material and efficient light technology and will give you fun memories to remember for a lifetime.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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