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4 Solar Lights To Make Your Home Look Like a Million Dollars

4 Solar Lights To Make Your Home Look Like a Million Dollars
4 Solar Lights To Make Your Home Look Like a Million Dollars
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3 Solar Lights to Make Your House look like a million dollars Quickly and easily make your home look like a millionaires mansion with solar lighting Lighting is the simple way to make your home look studding, wowing your visitors, anyone who drives by and yourself every evening you come home! Best of all????? They are solar powered so no ongoing electricity costs and are friendly to the environment 1. Create your own rainbow display The Solar Powered 7 Colour Flood Light is the simplest, fastest and best way to light your home and garden. Have a beautiful tree in your garden? Why not flood light it to create a mesmerising light display each night. Enjoy your dinner with a show as you watch wildlife explore your garden gorgeously lit. See the possums climbing through the trees and the bats flying in and out of the trees hunting for fruit Or why not point the Solar Powered 7 Colour Flood Light at the front of your home. This is a brilliant way to make your house look like a million dollars. Selling your house??? Then lighting the front is a must! With busy lives people are often driving past at night to take a look after work. Don’t lose a potential buyer because your home looks gloomy or dark. 2. Be Dazzling With the Solar Tree Dazzle Light in Blue Green you can decorate any part of your home. Solar powered so no electricity costs!! The options with the Dazzle Tree lights are endless. My suggestion… wrap them around the trunk of your largest tree for a gorgeous way to enjoy your garden even at night. Picture yourself creating a space straight out of a magazine. Combine the Blue Green Dazzle light wrapped around your tree with a few hanging lanterns filled with citronella candles, 2 comfy bucket chairs and a low set iron table. Creating the perfect spot for a chilled glass of white in the summer or a warm rich red in the winter with the one you love. No tree? Why not place the Blue Green Dazzle Light around the deck. Makes for a beautiful and unique way to decorate and creates a wonderful to sit at as you have dinner on the deck with the family or enjoy a drink as you watch the kids have an evening swim. 3. Highbright Solar LED Fire Lights Fire torches are beautiful, the colour, the way it dances and the flickering light it gives off, however i am definitely not brave enough to have tiki torches around children, clumsy adults and flammable drinks. Plus in our dry sunburnt land open flames are not a smart choice whatever the season. You the same? Then take a look at the latest innovation in tiki torches. No flame, no petrol or gas needed and no danger. And they are not your typical boring single LED. The tiki torches flicker and dance like a real flame. The Highbright Solar LED Fire Lights, dance, flicker and glow like a real flame! They are a must for a hawaiian luau, pool party or evening garden event. But not just for parties. Line the path to the front door or round the back with these Highbright Solar LED Lights as a unique way to find the door.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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