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Everything You Need To Know To Party in Perth

perth skylinePerth is heaven on earth, with beautiful weather and laid back people. The city is the jewel of Western Australia, home to over 1.5 million people, and an ideal place to party! From clubbing to family time, Perth has plenty of places to celebrate. Night clubs, parks and pubs are all par for the course when you spend time in Perth. Whether you want to hit the town or host a party of your own, here is all you need to know about Perth’s best party destinations and party supplies for all occasions!

Nightlife-Party the night away in Perth

The central hub for clubs and pubs in Perth is Northbridge, covering an area of roughly four blocks in width and containing over 20 nightclubs. There’s pretty much something for every taste, from dance clubs to trendier wine bars and chilled out pubs for relaxing after work. With six floors, the Metropolis Concert Club is the largest nightclub in Perth. It’s easy to get lost in the crowds, so get in early and grab a few drinks before the music starts. The club features live music and a great atmosphere, but if it’s not your cup of tea there are plenty more party venues to be found.

The Church and The Jackal are two other popular Perth clubs that are worth a visit. Worried about not standing out in the crowds? We recommend dressing to impress and adding some fun party accessories, especially any items from our Glow Products range because they make you easily visible to everyone all night long!

Places to go, things to do

Perth is home to several great events every year. The Perth Royal Show is one of the best known agricultural fairs in the country, with plenty of rides and events for the entire family. Kids love the tasty snacks and treats, not to mention the fun exhibits and activities. You can even recreate the carnival atmosphere at home with our fairy floss machine and flavoured floss mixes.

The Perth International Arts Festival is another great event that encompasses music, dance and visual arts. The event draws visitors from around the globe and offers Perth residents a chance to experience the arts in a very hands-on way.

Perth is also home to several beautiful parks and the fascinating Perth Zoo, an ideal location for kids’ birthday parties and days out. Bring in your own party supplies or get them through the zoo, but buying your own supplies for the party is definitely going to be cheaper, especially if you get them from Party Supplies Now!

King’s Park is a gorgeous location for a wedding, birthday party or reunion event. The stunning park is a must see stop for anyone visiting the city of Perth, especially when the Botanical Gardens are in full bloom.

Hyde Park is another smaller, but just as beautiful, park to spend your time in. It has stunning waterside views and lots of shady spaces for those hot summer days. Don’t forget to bring a cooler and plenty of ice cold drinks; the Inflatable Buffet/bar is perfect for loading up in the back of the car and filling with ice to keep picnic foods and drinks chilled to perfection for those last minute picnics and gatherings.

Sports are played nearly year round in Perth, with Rugby, Cricket and Australian Rules Football being the most popular. The great weather lends itself to loads of outdoor activities, so volleyball, baseball and netball are also sporting favourites there.

perth local music sceneFor music lovers, Perth has an amazingly strong local music scene, due in part to many mainstream artists opting to skip the city on their tours. The result has been a boon in local talent that includes some stars who have gone on to worldwide fame, including Rolf Harris and the late AC/DC musician Bon Scott. There is also a theater named for the late Heath Ledger, who was born in Perth.

Planning a party or event in Perth

With so many great venues, it’s no wonder Perth is bustling with weddings and outdoor parties. The great weather and natural beauty make it easy to enjoy the great outdoors for your functions. Just keep a few things in mind when planning outdoor parties and you’ll be sure to have a memorable event.

Keep party decorations simple for outdoor events. You don’t want to spend ages setting up the decorations only to spend ages taking them down again after a busy party.

Disposable tableware and drinkware are ideal for outdoor parties. If they are dropped or bashed, no worries. Plus, they make after party cleanups much easier; simply toss them in the trash and you’re finished!

perth Australia dayKeep the weather in mind when planning an outdoor party. Although it’s usually very mild in Perth, rain can happen, so check ahead and plan accordingly. Waterproof tablecloths and plastic tableware are very weatherproof, so you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged in bad weather.

Always ensure you have enough ice to keep drinks and food cold, plus enough for your guests’ drinks. A portable ice maker is great for outdoor parties as long as you have a place to plug it in. You’ll always have enough ice as long as you have electricity!

Every day is the perfect day for a party or celebration in Perth. With its great weather, friendly people and laid back atmosphere, it really is a place you can celebrate. Check out our great party supplies for your Perth celebrations and create some great memories!

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