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Sydney Knows How to Party Like Nowhere Else

sydney opera houseSydney natives, commonly referred to as Sydneysiders, know how to have a good time. While Australia itself is known for its laid back attitudes and the ability to have a good time, any time, there’s something special about the iconic city of Sydney that draws people in and offers them a great time. If you’re looking for a good time down under, Sydney is the place to party.


nightlife in SydneyThe nightlife in Sydney is diverse and vibrant. Visitors to the NSW capital city have plenty to choose from when it comes to nocturnal entertainment. Bars, pubs and hotels, the traditional drinking establishments favoured by locals looking for a good drink and a place to sleep it off, are all plentiful and stay busy year-round. Depending on what your tastes are, there’s something for everyone in Sydney.


Hotels are the traditional drinking establishment of choice for many Australians. They owe their name to the fact that they have traditionally been a place to get a good drink and a place to stay afterwards. Some of the most popular nighttime destinations in Sydney are hotels, including the Argyle Hotel, with its unique blend of trendy chic and relaxing ambience, not to mention five bars and plenty of tasty food. The Argyle is a great place to start or end the night, whichever you prefer.

Another great hotel is the Caringbah Hotel, perfect for sports fans since it has plenty of big screen televisions playing all the live sporting events. The hotel has three bars, a great selection of cold beers on tap and a great local atmosphere. This is definitely a more relaxed environment than some hotels, but it can still get pretty busy at night.


Bars in Sydney tend to be the trendier, more upscale places. They are the place to see and be seen, and you’ll see plenty. Party the night away at Hugo’s Lounge, one of the best nightspots in Australia. Cocktails and pizza are the menu of choice here and the dress code is pretty much ‘impressive’, to match the upscale décor.

The Pontoon Bar is located on Darling Harbour and it has gained a reputation as a great place to go for a great night out. Pumping music, futuristic décor and plenty of drinks make this a great venue for a girls’ or boys’ night out.


Pubs are more popular with the tourists and college crowds. Their reputation for good food and cheap drinks make them an ideal choice for travelers. For the traditional pub experience, try The Shakespeare in Surrey Hills or the Hotel Bondi with its amazing beach views.

Some parts of Sydney are just more conducive to partying than others, including the saucy Kings Cross and beautiful Bondi Beach areas. With loads of clubs, pubs and people, there’s no way to avoid a good time.

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Great Events in Sydney

There’s always something going on in Sydney, from sporting events to concerts and carnivals. The Sydney Harbour Regatta is an iconic event that happens in March and features over 300 fantastic yachts. Local bars and restaurants usually join in on the fun and offer regatta themed specials in honour of the event.

The Sydney Mardi Gras is one of the largest LGBT events in the world, and it draws in thousands of visitors. The parade and dance party in the streets is a chaotic mass of partying and fun for all who attend. There’s music, fireworks and plenty of booze, making it one of the most popular events of the year.

New Years in SydneyVivid Sydney is a relatively new event but it’s still very popular. Iconic buildings are bathed in light and accompanying music. It’s an event that highlights the creativity of the city through artistic lighting and concerts in local venues.

New Years in Sydney is like no other, with fireworks displays along the harbour and loads of people ringing in the New Year. If you are in Australia for New Year’s, you definitely should go to Sydney!

Sporting events are hugely popular in Sydney, especially rugby and Australian Rules football. On any given game day you’ll see fans with painted faces and team kit on, cheering on their team from the pub or heading down to the ANZ Stadium to watch a rugged rugby match. If there happens to be an international game on, the atmosphere is especially amazing.

Cricket is another popular sport in Sydney, with the Ashes tournament between Australia and England occurring at the Sydney Cricket Ground. It’s the most popular summer sport in Sydney, and the city hosts a number of international matches including upcoming the 2015 Cricket World Cup. With the fantastic facilities and amazing atmosphere, it’s no wonder why Sydney is a choice destination for sporting events.

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Something for Everyone

No matter what your tastes are, Sydney has something for everyone. From the mad party scene of places like Kings Cross to the even madder beach parties out on Bondi Beach, Sydney knows how to party like nowhere else. There are still a few quiet pubs and hotels around for a relaxing drink after work and there are even places that cater to both, with lazy Sunday specials and crazy Friday night parties. The city has become synonymous with class, culture and good times, and it’s definitely a must visit destination for anyone who likes to have a good time.

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