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7 Mistakes to avoid when planning a birthday party

7 Mistakes to avoid when planning a birthday party
7 Mistakes to avoid when planning a birthday party
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7 Mistakes when planning a birthday party

There are big No No’s when planning for a birthday party and below are just some of them:

1. No program/activity plans

When planning and hosting a birthday party, it is not enough that you think of the food, drinks and people to invite. You should also make sure that your guests will have something to do besides eating and talking. 

Set up some videoke or karaoke machine so your music lover friends can entertain everyone with their songs. 

Plan for short games such as charades, Pictionary and the likes especially if your group of friends are into this kind of activities.

Make a playlist of dance songs so you and your friends can dance all night, if your intention is to have a dance showdown birthday party.

Always remember that birthday parties are always intended for you and your guests to have fun. 

2. No idea of how many guests are coming

It is not always necessary to require RSVP for the birthday party that you’re planning, however it is a big mistake to plan a party without having any idea or estimate on the number of people you are expecting. The number of guests will be the basis for the amount of food you have to prepare or order, the kind of venue you are to set up, and even the number of giveaways or loot bags you are to prepare.

3. No variety in foods or drink

It is a big No-No not to provide variety in foods or drinks. Do not serve just pure meat, otherwise you may not know that there are some strict vegetarian who will of course be left out with nothing to eat. 

Never serve just pure soda or soft drinks on the table. Better to have a combination of juice or fruit drinks, sodas and even water.


 birthday planning mistakes

4. No formal invites

When planning for a birthday party, you need to make sure that you send the right invites to the right people. Do not assume that they know about the party and that your friends know that you want them to come and celebrate with you. A simple event invitation through social media will do. You can call or send them a text message. Or for a more formal setting, you can send a pre-printed or personalized invites.

5. Not dressing appropriately

Since this a party that you have planned, organized or are hosting, you should dress yourself accordingly. If you have set up a theme, then be the first person to follow the theme. 

6. Leaving everything to the organizer

If you have contracted a party organizer, be sure that you also know the details or that you are still involved in the party planning itself. Never commit the big mistake of leaving everything to the organizer, even up to the point that it would seem that you are one among the guests who doesn’t know what will actually happen.

7. Not mingling with each and everyone

Once you started the birthday party, it is very important to mingle, talk or have a chat with each and every guest. Never do the big mistake of just chatting with one group and leaving all the other guests by themselves. Make sure that you will allot each group or each guest some of your time.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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